Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dim Dreamy Morning

She woke in the dim morning with the weight of his arm across her chest, his hardness against her hip, his fingertips gently stroking her mound right at the spot at the top of her delicate folds. She moved herself against his warm cock and felt it leave a wet, silky trail along her side.

His beard prickled her neck, "I've been awake," he whispered in her ear, "imagining us with our lovely new friend." She moaned, as memories of caressing and kissing those soft, supple breasts washed through her still-dreamy mind. Her hips lifted and spread, and his fingertip parted her lips and dipped within, smearing her wetness over her bud as he drew it upwards.

"You and she are in a sixty-nine," he said, now moving his fist to his own hot, drooling cock, slowly pumping it up and down against her soft curves. She moved her own hand down and started stroking herself in time with him.

He continued the story. "You are lying on top of her, and you can feel your hard nipples press into her beautiful soft belly. I look down on you both and watch your hands grip her sexy round thighs and spread her wide for yourself as your tongue glides over her tender, slippery labia."

She pushed her hips against her hand and moaned at the memory of those wet folds under her tongue. His fingers twisted in her hair as his whispers continued in her ear.

continue..."I am behind you, watching you rock your ass in sensuous waves as she works away at your clit. She looks up at my fist slowly stroking my cock, head shiny with my own leaking arousal. She spreads you wide for my gaze - and then slowly drags her tongue through your shiny pink pussy."

Hips thrown wide now, she worked her fingers through her wet hole. He shifted on top of her, and began to drag his hard, warm cock over her wet flesh.

"I move forward, cock right above her face, and smear my dribble on her cheek. She leans her head back and opens her mouth for me, and i slowly thrust it between her heavenly lips while you work a third finger into her pussy. Filled at both ends, she moans and writhes, her wet mouth swelling my cock still further."

His head now probing her opening, he continued. "I now position myself right at the opening of your pussy. 'Open her up for me,' I say, and she slips her fingers deep inside your wet hole and spreads you wide for me."

At this she moaned deeply and reached down with both hands to hold open her pussy. As he recounted the way he'd entered her, he slid his rigid cock smoothly inside, his thickness spreading her open, filling her completely.

"My thrusts continue, slowly picking up the pace, filling you deeply, over and over while her eager tongue works away at your swollen clit. I feel her attentions on my shaft as well, and soon withdraw completely to slide it back into her obliging mouth."

He fucked her deeper and faster, all the while describing the scene he in his mind as they shared their sexy new friend. He told her about the way the soft, womanly body moved under her, about how the girl moaned as her fingers thrust in and out of her soaking wet pussy. He described how it would feel to slide smoothly in and be enveloped by her warm, wet pussy, then slowly withdraw and feel the soft lips and wet tongue of their friend please him further.

"Soon the combination of wet pussy, tender tongue, and rigid cock take us both over the edge, and I erupt inside your quivering pussy. She moans and bucks underneath you as well as you insistently now add a fourth finger inside her and fuck them insistently deep while your moaning mouth clamps onto her clit, not letting up until she is cumming with us as well."

Beyond words now, they thrashed away, sharing their hot, hard, crashing orgasms. Finally the two of them slowed down, and came to rest. As his cock softened, he rolled off of her, and resumed his whispering in her ear.

"Finished, I collapse on the bed next to you both. Soon I hear the the two of you moan and look over to see you slowly begin to move against each other again. Your finger now work at her again, and she writhes underneath you more and more insistently, ready for still more passion as you sinuously move on top of her, rubbing your still drooling pussy over her soft breasts."

Soon her fingers returned to her now sloppy hole, and her breathing picked up in time with the women in her mind, lost in their own sensations.

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