Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ivy Struggled to Find the Patience

It's been a long dry spell for me & fiction. No matter what, new story or old, I've just been blocked. This deceptively little story has been languishing for months and months. The whole idea came to me in a flash, but getting the words onto the page has been another matter. Recently some new inspiration has come to me, and I'm pleased that the piece has flowed together into something coherent. I hope you enjoy.

Picture Ivy, waiting for her man.
Naked on the rug, awash in anticipation.

Patience, Ivy. Take some deep breaths.

Poor little one, she truly did struggle to find some kind of patience to maintain her position through the long, uncertain wait.

Alone in the quiet room, she did her very best to kneel there demurely by the bed, her back to the door. This afternoon she was determined not to disappoint her master. For all she knew he could be hours, though sometimes he showed up mere minutes after she got home. So yes, she would steel herself and wait it out.

Ivy recalled what the experience was like last time, when she failed to resist her body's wanton cravings. He had caught her in the act and she'd been abject in the face of his disapproval. Only after copious begging had he punished her, then finally used her.

Warmth growing, petals flowering at the memory.
Harsh, it had been, and so good.

Breathe, Ivy. Deep breaths.

No matter how well punished the bad girl got, Ivy did love to bask in the approval that the good girl received, and loved receiving those deep, rewarding smiles and cuddles. She felt the bruises on her rear as she squirmed there, endeavoring to squeeze the swollen wetness of her tingling pussy between her thighs. How sharp and quick his strong hands could be, smack after smack stinging her increasingly sensitive flesh. At just the right time his big warm caresses would replace the punishment, always dancing just out of reach of her begging slit. The thought of it all was practically intolerable.

Willing herself once more to calm down, sit still, and wait, her eyes began to roam around the room, coming to rest on the curtain rod above the big window. Instantly her body remembered the tension between her shoulders from hanging by her wrists from the top of that rod as her ass became redder and redder.

"Ass out," came his polite, unforgiving command as she flinched away. Powerless, utterly vulnerable, Ivy bent, lifted up on her toes, her breath catching in her chest as she gave her lovely round ass to him.

"Good girl."

The sting of the next blow,
shaking breasts exposed before the big window.

Easy now, Ivy. Calm yourself.

Again she shook her head, pulling herself back to the present. She looked up at the bookshelf, and read some of the titles, momentarily calmed, until her eyes reached the high top shelf where she kept her little purple toy box, it's shiny lock beckoning. Her pussy released a dribble along her thigh at the thought of her beautiful little pink vibrator nestled inside.

Of course, little pinky had been exactly what had gotten her into so much trouble last time. Well, three weeks running, really. The alluring throb within that delightfully smooth little toy... so enticing. Her swollen petals throbbed knowingly at the thought of the waves of sensation she knew could emanate from little pinky.

Perhaps just a little touch would calm her. It was still quite a bit earlier than when he'd arrived last week, after all. Or the time before, when she'd had that hard yet smooth, buzzing little finger deep up inside her wetness, directly hitting just that right spot when she'd opened her eyes to see him standing over her. Oh, fuck, the shock had sent her over the edge, and the atonement for that indiscretion still wasn't fully settled.

Inevitably, Ivy lost control. What other outcome could we really have expected?

Up she popped and across the room she bounded over to the bookshelf. She was the picture of anticipation, up on her toes to grab the box. She turned and set it on the bed, then spun back around to lift the lid on her jewelry box to get the key.

But the key wasn't there in it's corner! Instant panic set in, and she began frantically digging all around, finally just dumping the contents on the bed. There was definitely no key. Ivy spun around to the bookshelf and started pulling out books it might have fallen behind. Two shelves emptied, she froze as she heard him clear his throat by the door.

"Looking for this?"

She looked around, stricken, to see the his knowing smile, and the shiny little key dangling from his finger.

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