Thursday, April 2, 2009

"E.B. Addis"

The name is borrowed from a blacklisted hollywood writer by the name of Hugo Butler, who co-wrote the screenplay for The Young One, a striking film directed in Mexico by Luis Buñuel (one of my all-time favorites) under the name "HB Addis". While seeking a pseudonym, I happened across this film, and quickly got my hands on it. I'd heard of Buñuel's period of filmmaking in Mexico, but had rarely seen any. A rather intense plot revolves around a teenage girl and a game warden living on an island off the gulf coast, a traveling jazz musician from the north, and a pastor intent on saving the girl. It turned out to be a provocative film on class, race and gender issues, with Buñuel's unflinching style keeping me riveted. The edgy way the film deals with the issues and the inherent sexuality is really noteworthy, especially for 1960. Good work, H.B. Addis.

Ferdy On Films, etc. has a great post on the film. Like her, this film surprised me as someone who thought he knew Buñuel.

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