Thursday, April 2, 2009

Desperate Little Annabel

"Too Vanilla"
, was the response of the woman I first drafted this for. She didn't like me showing my women getting pleasure, and I could not do it any other way. We'll try it here, in a somewhat sweetened form, but it's still definitely the harshest piece I've shared. Please let me know what you think.

Desperate little Annabel found herself wondering if she had gotten in over her head. As the new man gazed down at her with a gentle smile, his warm, dark eyes twinkled with a subtle kind of menace. She returned his gaze demurely as she sat there on her heels, waiting for whatever he decided was to come next. She held her pose faithfully, her back straight, her breasts thrust forward. Honestly, the way she was trussed up gave her little other choice.

She had been so excited earlier that evening when she had finally seen her new corset for the first time. She kept turning it over in her hands, and admiring all the details. He hadn't skimped at all. Annabel had been fascinated by corsets for about as long as she could remember, though she had never owned a real one. In her years of reading, those moments when a heroine was described as constricted, or breathless, in her corset had always given her a chill. Though the men in her life had appreciated her in various faux-corset lingerie, finding a man who shared her full excitement had opened new horizons.

This corset was made of fine, heavy fabric, completely embroidered in burgundy and black. She could feel the stiff boning within, and ran her finger over the long row of shiny hooks down the front. The stitching was precise, well reinforced, and the eyelets and laces up the back looked robust. Annabel could see just how it would firmly encase her waist, and she drew in her breath in anticipation of the feeling. She had sent him measurements weeks ago, in preparation for this night. Once he'd learned she shared his dream their courtship had taken on a rather formal, almost remote, tone.

Now he smiled generously as she thanked him profusely, then stood up from his chair and offered his hand. She into looked into his serious, friendly eyes as she rose. Without a word, he reached out and began to unbutton her blouse.

"Let's see you in it, shall we?"

This man in who's presence she'd been for only twenty minutes now had his hands right between her breasts. She stood there, just breathing, letting him undress her. Gently his long, slender fingers worked, millimeters from her flesh. Her nipples tingled as she waited for his contact, but never the slightest pressure came. Soon he was easing her crisp white blouse from her skirt. He looked into her eyes and smile again as he tossed it onto the couch. Now he deftly undid her skirt's clasp and zipper, and in no time she was stepping out of her skirt for him.

He undid her bra, again not even managing to graze her flesh, and gently removed it from her. "We certainly don't need this," he said as he tossed it to join the skirt and blouse. "I do think the rest will go quite nicely. You have wonderful taste in undies, sweet thing."

Annabel now stood before him on her glossy heels in only her plain black stockings and panties, while he was completely clothed. Goosebumps covered her pale skin, and her nipples were taught, where he now turned his attention. Finally he touched her, his fingers gently tracing around each, drawing a little whimper from her.

"Mmm. What wonderful nipples," he purred. "And they do like the attention." His fingers now gripped them with increasing pressure, rolling and massaging the ever-more sensitive flesh. "We'll have fun with these, won't we?" He gave a good pinch as he finished, causing her to gasp, and her pussy to tighten.

continue..."Now," he said, letting go. "Time to try on your new present." He looked into her eyes warmly and stroked her hair with his big hand.

Wrapping her up in the corset took some time, especially because he kept going back and making it tighter. He deftly undid the row of hooks and she lifted her arms as he reached around to wrap it around her. She took in her breath as his large hands squeezed at her sides, working the center hooks together, one after the other. His hands now came in contact with her in a more matter of fact manner as he snugly closed it up, gently lifting each breast to sit comfortably in the cups.

"Oh, god," she let out, as she realized it was already affecting her breathing. He turned her and began to work on the laces, soon tugging firmly enough to make her work at keeping her balance.

"Uh," she gasped. "It's so tight."

"Is that a complaint?" came his clipped response.

"No, no," she shook her head, struggling to get air.

"Good. Breathe in."

One big hand flat on her back, a fist pulling hard at the laces, Annabel began to feel encased, her breathing, her motion restrained by his grasp, under his control.

Once he was satisfied, he turned and reached for a coil of soft nylon rope. Still working silently, he bound her arms behind her, wrapping her forearms in neat coils of rope almost all the way from her wrists to her elbows. This too, he kept at with an aesthetic obsessiveness, the result restricting her completely. He finished the job by trimming the rope ends to just the right length.

"Look at you, stunning Pet," he said proudly from behind her as he ran his hands over her constricted waist, and over the flare of her hips. "So very womanly."

The gravity of her fantasy becoming reality was sinking home, and Annabel put on a brave smile as her discomfort warred with her rising lust. It hurt, really hurt. She could barely breathe, and certainly wouldn't be able to bend much. Her shoulders ached already, and she could only imagine how it would feel later. He grasped her upper arm as if a handle and brusquely turned her to face him.

"And your breasts. Look at that." He stroked over her bulging tits, held up on a shelf for him, nipples exposed and waiting. His long, strong fingers stroked and pinched her nipples just hard enough to make them crinkle and send shivers across her chest.

"You like that, don't you, sweet Pet?"

"You seem to," she coyly batted back. Suddenly his fingers twisted savagely, causing her to cry out.

"I asked you a question!" Still the cruel fingers crushed her hardened nipples. They twisted, and pulled, abusing her sensitive flesh. "Do you like that, Slut?"

"Oh yes," she gasped, in between panting at the pain shooting through her chest and the fire radiating from her crotch. He tugged hard on them, yanking on her breasts and causing her to stagger on her high heels, her bound arms useless for balance.

"What do you say when I use your tits my pleasure, Whore?"

"Thank you. Thank you, Sir."

"That's good," he said, and released her nipples, then slapped each breast, forehand, then backhand, before running his hand up into her hair and pulling her close. "That's very good, my wonderful, beautiful pet," he said gently, looking down into her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her roughly, wet lips all over hers, his tongue passionately penetrating her mouth.

He let go and turned away, leaving her staggering for balance again. He pulled open a desk drawer and rummaged around, then came back to her with a pair of laces. Wordlessly he gripped each nipple, pulling it so he could wrap the thin black strings around them. He wrapped each around several times, tying them tight as could be, until just the tips of her nipples protruded, throbbing and angry purple.

"So nice. Decorated with neat little bows," he mused.

She gave her first shriek of the night when he flicked at them with his fingers.

"Ooh, that's fun," he said, with a wicked grin. He flicked them again and again, and she shook and cried out in little gasps, the corset still crushing her abdomen too tightly for more. He reached down and roughly rubbed her crotch, grinding her panties into her damp snatch.

He returned to the desk and picked up an old wooden ruler, and gave it a couple of experimental smacks against his palm. He faced her and flicked it experimentally against the top of her breast. It stung, and then he smacked her harder with it, and the loud crack rang out in the room mixed with her scream. He set about whacking each breast, making her pale flesh break out with red welts all over. He paused and admired his handiwork, filling in a few spots he had missed.

"Not bad, but it's not really the full effect without the nipples, is it, Pet?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

She struggled for the right answer as her breasts burned with the sting of his blows. "No, Sir," she replied. "Please punish my nipples, too."

"What a good Pet," he replied, with a warm, genuine smile. "I'm so proud of you." She managed a smile as he stroked her cheek, wiping at her trail of tears with his thumb.

He stepped back and took the end of one lace in his fingertips, then abruptly yanked, tugging at her whole breast before it came undone. As the blood rushed back into her abused nipple flesh the pain was instant. She screamed, then even more, as he flicked the ruler against it. He kept at it, only light smacks required, as she sobbed and twisted, trying to get away from the torment. Then it was time for the second nipple. He grasped the string, but waited a moment, letting the anticipation of knowing what was coming penetrate first. Then it too was ripped off, leaving her angry, contorted nipple bare and throbbing. Now he smacked at it hard, much harder than the first. She screamed and tried to turn away.

"Bad girl!" he exclaimed, and tossed the ruler aside so he could grip her by both nipples at once. He tugged and twisted, smiling at her discomfort, wrenching her body this way and that by her cruelly punished tits.

Now he grabbed her arm again and quickly turned her away from him. She staggered and he kept her balance with his strong grip, which wrenched at her shoulder, causing the pain to flare back up from the numbness that had settled in.

He let go of her arm and gripped her ass firmly. "I love what the corset does for your ass, too." Again he stroked over the curve from waist to hip, to ass. His fingers stroked over her rear, then between her thighs. "Please spread your legs for me, Pet," he said with surprising gentleness. She complied, and he rubbed his fingers over her damp crotch, causing her almost to forget her aching shoulders. He pushed her panties aside and quickly thrust two fingers up into her. Wet as she was, she was tense from trying to maintain her balance, and the big fingers pushed her labia roughly inside. She flinched away, and had to struggle to stay on her feet.

"What's this, Slut!?" He demanded. "You don't want my fingers inside your nasty cunt?" He fucked them into her savagely, and she writhed on them.

"Oh. Fuck. Please Sir, use me as you want," she managed to stammer, the fingers smearing her wetness around, making it start to feel ok.

"Not good enough, Slut," he replied, removing his hand. He grabbed a hunk of her hair and dragged her across the room, then threw her over the back of the couch, leaving her ass up, face down against the cool leather. He ripped her panties right off, then quickly laid his bare hand hard across one cheek, then the other. He smacked her again and again, then kicked at her ankles to spread her legs apart, and thrust his two fingers back inside her now very moist pussy.

"What a complete slut," he said. "All that abuse and you're just turned on and ready for more. I bet you're ready for a good fuck, aren't you?" He asked, as he added a third finger and fucked in and out of her wetness.

"Oh yes, please. Do whatever you want to me, Sir," she said as she pushed back on his hand, opening herself to him.

"No fuck yet, my toy, unless you count these fingers."

The long fingers penetrated her deeply, and now he added another, fucking in and out of her. She grunted, unable to so gasp as she wished in the tight corset. His hand worked at her, and soon felt him add the fourth, stretching her wider than ever in her life. She felt his knuckles twist inside her, and she panted into the leather as she took his rough thrusts.

Then his hand was gone, and she sensed him straighten up behind her.

"Get on your knees."

Annabel clumsily struggled off the couch, his strong hands guiding her until she was just as he wished. She felt her wet sex part open as he spread her thighs. He pressed at her low back, shifting her ass out, but the corset held her back straight. He took the time to adjust her breasts, and tweak the ropes to align her bound arms directly down her back, then stepped back to gaze down at her. His hand lifted her chin.

"Ready to get started?" he said, with an ominous twinkle in his eye.


  1. Not too vanilla for me. Very nicely written! i especially love the bit about her being mostly naked while he's fully dressed - that always turns me on! i like to imagine being naked except for lingerie and shoes in a room full of clothed people - very hot.

  2. I can't imagine anyone thinking this was too vanilla. The constricted breathing adds to her torment. It is lovely, does this piece have another chapter?

  3. longdistancesub - Thank you! I agree about that part! I also like the lead-in, undressing her without contact.

    southerngirl - The constricted breathing's another level of control, isn't it? No, I haven't written more. I had plans for more originally, but when my original recipient lost interest I shelved it.

  4. hotslavegirl@hotmail.comJanuary 4, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    i had my Man read this an do it all to me. i never felt more feminine. hes added his personal touches to.