Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Room & Board, Part 3 - Living with Jack

Part 3 of Melanie and Jack's story is presented as several short acts in which Melanie experiences a set of firsts. It's probably a good idea to read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Her First Morning in Jack's Bed

The first morning in Jack's big bed Melanie woke early, slowly coming to consciousness, peering around the dimly-lit room. She stretched and rolled over, enjoying the soft sheets and the bed made so cozy by their shared warmth. She lay on her side and looked at Jack's face, lit by the soft glow of the overcast day filtering through the curtains. She admired the handsome lines of his cheekbones and jaw, the profile of his nose, and especially the curve of his lovely lips.

She noted the crackle of laugh lines at the corners of his eyes, the silver hairs sprinkled through his temples and stubble, the thinning of his hairline. The age difference was certainly there, she thought to herself. Still, she saw nothing but a handsome, kind man, who clearly found her quite desirable. Last night's intimate dinner followed by hours of attentive, varied lovemaking had let her drift off to sleep completely satisfied for the first time in years. She realized she had lost all interest in men her own age.

Unable to resist, she gently reached up and traced her fingers over his lips, then down the side of his face and along the curve of his jaw. He sighed gently and stirred awake, smiling, so she continued with her caresses and snuggled right up to him, feeling his warm, lean body pressed into her soft belly and breasts. She turned his face towards hers and kissed him lightly, grazing her lips over his. Without even thinking her hand moved down his tight stomach to his crotch, where she found his cock stiff and ready.

"Wow," she reacted, wrapping her fingers around his warm shaft and admiring the way it felt in her hand. "Was that one kiss, or do you always wake up like this?"

"Mmm, nice," was all he responded with as she started to stroke him slowly. She loved how she could feel the rigid contours of his shaft rippling under his soft flesh as she rubbed it up and down. She gripped firmly and pumped slowly up and down until he started moaning and she felt the wetness of precum ooze from the top, at which point she had to taste him again.

Melanie slid down under the covers and straddled Jack's leg, pressing her fleshy tits into his thighs as she took his cock deep into her hungry mouth. She stroked his shaft as he began to thrust his hips to fuck her face. In no time at all her pussy moistened and opened up, hot and swollen, and soon she was rubbing up and down on him, her engorged clit in heaven against his hard shin.

He put his hand on her head and started to fuck her mouth in earnest, soon making her take him all the way into her throat. Faster and faster his hips thrust, pounding away at the back of her throat.

"Oh fuck," he exclaimed. "I'm coming." He bucked up savagely and held her head down against his groin as his cock began to spasm and pump his cum right into her belly. Melanie gagged and moaned around his cock, writhing and rubbing her cunt on his leg furiously as her helplessness added to her arousal to send her over the top along with him.

He relaxed his hand somewhat and let his hips drop back as she coughed and breathed, then thrust back up, burying his cock in her mouth once again, sending still more cum into her. Again and again he pumped and thrusted, until he slumped back on the bed and let her off of him.

Melanie collapsed against him, gasping and drooling cummy saliva. She could feel his slippery wet cock throbbing against her tingling breasts. She felt happy and fulfilled to have woken up and provided such pleasure to them both.

The first week continued as a sexual wonderland for both Melanie and Jack. He had clearly also been starved for sex, and they had a marvelous time satisfying their appetites with one another. It took only the slightest provocation to end up wet and sweaty in one or another position. All day long they fucked and sucked in one place or another: in the shower, on the couches, on the floor, in his desk chair, bent over the table. At night they often went at it several times, enjoying rough pounding sex, as well as lazy sleepy, cuddly sex, and every morning she woke him with a blow job.

Her First Major Embarrassment

It happened late one morning. Melanie was at her desk in her room trying so hard to work, but her mind kept wandering to the cock in the other room. It had been something like three hours since their last contact, and very simply, she was craving it. Specifically, her mouth was craving cock right now.

She heard the rumble of a delivery truck outside, followed by the doorbell. She listened to Jack going to the door and opening it, then talking with the driver. She came up with a plan to seduce him into letting her suck his cock. The front door was at the end of the hallway. As soon as the door shut she would come up behind him and he'd see her there the minute he turned around.

She waited until she heard the door shut, then started down the corridor. Jack was standing there, opening the package with his back to her. She started taking off her t-shirt as she walked towards him.

Just as the shirt was over her head she heard heavy steps bound up the stairs, and the sound of Jack opening the door again. Flustered, she froze for a moment, then tried to yank it back down, but she had gotten one elbow hooked in the fabric, and the whole mess ended up caught above her tits. She looked past Jack and saw a big, handsome black guy with short dreads, wearing a FedEx jacket, staring right at her as she struggled back into the shirt. A grin crept onto his face.

Following the FedEx guy's gaze, Jack turned around and saw her standing there straightening out her shirt. She had managed to cover herself up, but her shirt was still bunched all funny across her chest, and she gave it a final tug and just stood there, unsure what to do next.

The two men stared at her in silence for a moment, then Jack turned to the FedEx guy and cracked a smile.

"This is Melanie. My new roommate."

The FedEx man's eyes never left her breasts as he replied, "Roommate, huh? Very nice." He looked back to Jack and handed him another package. He shook his head, still smiling. "Very nice."

"Nice meeting you, Melanie," he said as he turned and bounded down the stairs.

And that's how the FedEx guy got an eyeful.

Her First Casual Use as Fuck Toy

Before too long, however, the impact on their work was apparent, and Jack in particular became much, much busier. Busy days.

One morning Jack had to get up early for a frustrating conference call on European time. Melanie woke alone sometime later and padded to the kitchen in a slinky t-shirt. Jack watched her getting her tea as he fumed on the phone. She curled on the couch and grabbed her laptop from the coffee table to check up on her email and news feeds.

Jack was pacing back and forth with the phone, clearly pretty agitated. "We've been over all of this how many times?" He demanded, then listened for the reply with a stern countenance. Melanie was seeing a new side of him. A side she wanted to avoid, so she just focused on her laptop.

"Dammit," he snapped. "I just see no way we can make their schedule."

She glanced up to see him staring at her body while he listened to whoever was on the other end of the line. His eyes were boring right through her t-shirt, taking in the curve of her sagging breast. The effect was almost impersonal, but missing her morning cock suck, she wondered what he would be up to after the call. She shifted on the couch to reveal a bit of her pussy, but kept her eyes focused on her screen.

"I don't have time for any more of this," he ranted, "I have a meeting across town in twenty minutes. You guys figure it out and let me know."

Oh well, she thought as she heard the clatter of him tossing the phone onto his desk, then hurrying from the room.

A minute later he came back into the room and was suddenly standing over her. He took her laptop, put it on the table and grabbed her arm, turning her around on the couch. "Bend over," he said as she heard his zipper.

In no time at all she found herself with her knees on the couch, bent over the back, his cock probing at the entrance to her pussy. Every other time they'd fucked so far she'd been dripping wet, since it generally took Melanie only the briefest bit of foreplay to be ready for cock. Still, she was always ready at heart, so she reached around and spread her cheeks for him. Jack pushed his cockhead into her snatch, folding her labia in a bit painfully as he went, then pulled out and pushed a bit futher.

"Hold your cunt open for me," he tersely ordered.

She worked her fingers around to her lips and held herself open as wide as she could. He slid in smoother and further this time, stretching her open once more. She felt herself moistening, and his strokes started to go deeper and deeper.

"That's it, slut," he said through clenched jaw. "Give me your pussy."

Strong hands gripping her hips, he began to pump away in earnest, and Melanie's cunt now welcomed his thick cock with a flood of wetness.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Uh huh," she grunted back.

"Always ready for cock, aren't you, little slut?"

"Oh yes. Any time," she answered. "Fuck your slut. Fuck me raw."

His fingers bit painfully into her fleshy hips as pounded into her with a punishing pace. Melanie began to lose herself in the moment, centering on the feeling of his big cock hammering away at her pussy.

All of a sudden he stiffened and grunted, holding her firmly against his body. She felt his cock spasm as first one jet, then another coated her insides. Then he pulled out and let out another grunt, and she felt gobs of his hot cum splatter on her ass and her back.

He stood there breathing for a moment, still clutching one hip in his iron-hard grip, then relaxed. The hand pushed her around till she was facing his damp cock.

"Clean this up," he said, his voice a bit softer now.

Unhesitatingly she leaned forward and took his softening cock gently in her mouth and tasted their mixed fluids on him. She licked all up and down his shaft, trying to get every bit of the sticky, salty wetness.

"Good girl," he said, tucking his cock into his underwear and fastening up his jeans. Then he grabbed his bag and headed for the door. Melanie slumped back against the couch, her head spinning a bit as she felt the sticky wetness on the back of her shirt. Well, I guess that fits the definition of "fuck toy" pretty well, she thought to herself as her fingers idly played in the cum oozing from her snatch.

The First Time She Said "No"

It didn't have to do with being in the mood or anything. She just plain didn't have time, and Jack wasn't being helpful. He had come into her room as she was tearing around in a spastic hurry and started groping her half-dressed form. She'd playfully shoved him off, and now he'd perched on the couch, watching her every move.

"No, I'm serious", she said, with as cute a pout as she could muster. "I would like nothing more than a good fuck, but I really have to go right now. I have a meeting with my advisor, and you made me late last week."

It was impossible to move around the little room without coming in range of his spot on the couch, and the feeling of his hands on her ass wasn't helping her resolve at all.

"Well, sure, you can say no if you want too," he purred while he fondled her ass. "But you know you'll have a better day if you start it off with a fast fuck."

Her insides were set to betray her, but she really did intend to get to campus on time, so she pushed off his hand and stomped her foot.

"Jack! No! I mean it."

She stood hands on hips, and glared at him as seriously as she could. He met her gaze and held still, then scrunched his face into a perfect parody of the seriousness she was attempting to project. She couldn't help it, and suddenly cracked a huge smile. Instantly they were both laughing.

"I'm sorry," she said, with the sweetest look of sincerity on her face. "Really. I feel like such a bad girl. You know how I love to please you."

"That's right," Jack replied. "You are a bad girl."

"I guess you'll have to punish me," she flirted back. "Will you give me a spanking?"

Her First Spanking

Growing up with very liberal parents, Melanie actually had never actually received a spanking in her life. Her very first spanking followed directly on the heels of her first time saying "No" to Jack.

"Since you ask so nicely," Jack said, "I think I'll give you your spanking right now, before you leave."

With that he stood up and turned her around.

"OK," she said, somewhat uncertainly. His ability to seduce her was remarkable. "But quick, alright?"

"Bend over," was his only response. She bent forward and leaned with her elbows on the desk, and he lifted her skirt and lowered her panties to expose her ass. Waiting there exposed for him was automatically arousing for Melanie, no matter how determined she was to get out the door on time.

She was startled when brought his hand down hard and fast on her round ass.

"Ouch!" she cried, "I wasn't ready."

"I thought you were in a hurry, and what's 'ready' got to do with anything? We'll have twenty good smacks now, and twenty more for later," he said, "OK?"

"Uh huh," she answered.

He rubbed his hand over her cheek and then smacked the other one, squeezing her cheek after. He settled into an even pace, administering spanks first to one side, then the other. Melanie's stinging ass competed with her slutty psyche as she stood there, bent and taking her punishment, and her pussy began to moisten and throb. Her cries became grunts, which became softer and softer.

"There, that's a nice red ass," Jack said, stepping back. Melanie remained bent over her desk while she came back to herself. Fuck, she thought. I really lost it there.

"OK. You can rush off to school now," Jack said.

Melanie stood, pulled her panties over her sore ass and straightened her skirt. She turned and Jack saw the dazed look on her face.

"What, did you lose count?" he asked with a wry grin. "Off you go. Remember, more for later."

Melanie headed out with her warm behind, and tried to collect herself, but she was having a hard time of it. Thirty minutes later, sitting in her advisor's office, she was still distracted, and she could tell he noticed the way she kept squirming around on the hard chair.

She was distracted all day, in fact, and wasn't able to relax until much later that night when she bent over for the second twenty, and then was rewarded with his hard cock in her pussy when her reaction was just too much for him. She was stunned by just how much she loved it, but was not about to judge or deny herself the pleasure.

In fact, this whole new arrangement, with all of it's mysterious potential was just so satisfying, so exciting, and she knew she'd do almost anything he asked just for the joy of pleasing him.

Her First Rude Awakening

Then, almost as if on cue, trouble walked into Melanie's secure little world in the form of Veronique. An old flame of Jack's, Veronique was tall, sleek and blonde, with a take-no-prisoners attitude, not to mention at least twice as much experience of the world (and the bedroom) as Melanie, and she wanted him back.

And here's Part 4


  1. My goodness what a chapter...lots of action going on there.

  2. I'm so glad you like it, southerngirl. Melanie's tale is one of my favorites. If only I could figure out how to finish it.

  3. E.B. Is there any reason to finish it here? It looks like you have a story line for large number of additional chapters. The stories are well written and interesting. And I would enjoy a Melanie around the house. This is a great turning of a man's fantasy into a story.

    And being the crude man I am, I would suggest a FFM with Melanie & Veronique. And Melanie gets to keep Jack.


  4. SO - Oh, it's not finished at all! I have another chapter complete, in which we meet Veronique, and outlines for a couple more. Stay tuned, and don't worry - I'm a crude man, too!

  5. As promised, part 4 is now posted. I look forward to hearing what you think of it!