Saturday, March 7, 2009

Question, Never Answered

Lucy's story was one of my first to really explore dominance, and it's ended up being a favorite of a number of readers. I couldn't help but make a few tweaks while posting it here, and I hope it maintains the same feel.

As a self-assured, successful woman, here were few questions in Lucy's life she hadn't answered to her satisfaction. Similarly, there had been few experiences that she hadn't felt in control of. In her rare moments of reverie, however, there was one unsolved mystery that would come back to her, one experience as a younger woman that had exposed an unexpected side of herself.

The particular October 31st when this occurred started with a chill wind from the north. Lucy was already living in Chicago at that point. She was up and out early doing errands around town. She hugged her soft fleece tightly in an attempt to hold in a little warmth as the brittle leaves skittered along the sidewalk. Her boots crunched through them as she walked faster to get home and out of the cold.

She came up the stairs to find a FedEx envelope at her door. Lucy glanced at the clock as she let herself in. 10:15. Must have just missed the delivery guy. Good thing he knew her well enough to skip the signature. She plunked down her bag and dropped the envelope with her keys on the hall table. She handled a lot of these, and they were never as urgent as anyone thought.

The freezing flat did nothing to warm her up, so she stripped and jumped into the shower. Coarse goosebumps spread over her as the hot water splashed on her cold skin. Lucy clapped her hands over her rigid nipples and squeezed her breasts. She tilted her head back to let the water run over her whole body.

Soon she warmed and began soaping herself up, enjoying the feeling of her hands sliding over her slippery flesh. She wasted no time slipping one hand between her legs and over her labia. She pinched a nipple while her middle finger made a shallow dip between her folds. She slumped onto the corner bench in the old tiled shower stall with the shower nozzle in her hand.

Her breath came short and heavy through her open mouth as she worked at her own pleasure. Quickly two fingers ran over her clit in small circles. She blasted the water at one nipple, then the other. The hot water tingled the sensitive nub of flesh and ran over her body. She could hear her own moans in the small stall as she spread her legs as far as possible and pressed her soapy index finger against her rosebud.

continue...The finger pushed easily into her ass. Lucy directed the water at her clit while she worked her anus. Soon she was fucking herself furiously in the ass, gasping at the pleasure which spread through herself as she came.

Once wrapped in her robe, she made some tea and went about her business that day, dealing with phone calls, emails: piles of dull minutiae. By keeping busy enough she was able to push away the frustration with all the time she spent cleaning up after her "boss".

Mid-afternoon Lucy noticed the envelope in the table and grabbed it. She sat down and opened it as she ate her late lunch.

Rather than the expected, bright-white printer paper, however, a thick ivory envelope slid out. Lucy picked it up and savored the feel of the soft, hand-made paper. On the front large, firm handwriting just said "Lucy".

Something small stirred at the back of her mind. Slowly she slipped a finger under the flap and separated the glue with a crackle. She drew out a large folded card with ragged edges.

Inside the vaguely familiar handwriting said:

Dearest Lucy,

Happy Halloween
Please be my guest at an intimate gathering
this evening at seven O' Clock at the Robespierre.

In anticipation, your Admirer.

At the last word all mundane thoughts vanished. Who could this be? Working as a photographer's assistant, traveling, and dealing with agencies, there was more than one man she was certain admired her. The handwriting almost reminded her of a man she had flirted with from a distance so long ago now, but it was too neat and carefully done to be sure. In any case, he was many miles away and they had not corresponded in ages.

That probably wasn't it. But what would explain this card? Lucy knew of the Robespierre as a small and exclusive hotel, frequented by people with considerable taste.

Whatever the case, she wasn't busy, and her adventurous muse quickly convinced her to go. It was just after three now, so she could have done more work, but there was no point in that. She picked up the phone and used her forthright manner to corner manicure and hair appointments at 3:30 and 4:45. She phoned for a cab and headed downstairs, mulling over her wardrobe.

It was Halloween, but there was no mention of costumes in the invitation. In the cab Lucy decided that the Robespierre demanded a classical approach, and settled on a black cocktail dress. She could wear those little jack o'lantern earrings as a nod to the season.

Things did not go well with traffic and her appointments ran late. As a result she got back to her apartment at six-thirty, with just time to shower. At seven-fifteen she was in a cab headed downtown, with her pulse in her throat. Normally not one to worry about being late to a social engagement, not knowing who was waiting made her tense.

She pushed in through the wide doors and into the quiet marble-clad lobby of the magnificent hotel. The only people in sight were immaculately uniformed hotel employees. Before they could sense her hesitation she made her way to the concierge who smiled politely.

"Excuse me," Lucy said. "I've been invited to a gathering here, but I'm not sure where to go."

Arched eyebrows. "And your name was?"

"Lucy Victor," she replied.

He looked down at something on his desk. The sound of turning pages was loud in the quiet lobby. "Ah, yes. You are indeed expected. Come with me." He stepped from behind his desk and led her to the reception desk. "The key to 415, please?" he said to the clerk, who handed it to him with what might have been a twinkle in her eye. He took the key walked toward the elevator. On the way he handed it to a bell-hop and said, "Please show Miss Victor to room 415."

Lucy thanked the concierge and followed the bell-boy. Her mind was racing. If it was a social function of some kind, why was she being given the key? The old elevator slowly climbed, and she thought she could feel the young man's eyes on her. She was used to that, but she somehow felt that he wasn't just admiring her form. There was a subtext of some kind. She stared forward and listened to the noises of the machinery.

The bell-hop opened the door to room 415 and said, "There you are. Enjoy your stay." The look in his eye was piercing, and she glanced away with uncharacteristic skittishness. She mumbled "thanks", took the key, and shut the door behind her.

A magnificent room greeted her. It was not terribly large, but it had room for a queen-sized, canopied bed, as well as a love seat, table, and pair of armchairs. The walls were a rich wine red, topped with a creamy molding and a warm white ceiling. The lighting was muted, and shone over rich brown wooden furniture with gold upholstery. Several large oriental rugs covered the carpet. No hotel furniture here.

On the bed there was a folded pile of fabric in bright blues and aquas. There was a champagne bucket on the sideboard with a bottle of Perrier-Jouet and two glasses. Another ivory envelope stood up against the sweating silver container.

Lucy's head went light. What am I doing, she thought to herself. She opened the envelope and found another card. Inside it said:

"My Dearest Lucy,

Please accept my apologies for not being here to greet you. Damnable distractions hold me up. I assure you that I am on my way, but it will take a short while. Please pass the time with a long, relaxing bath. Help yourself to a splash of bubbly to distract yourself. After your bath please try on your Halloween costume. I do pray that it fits well. Careful estimations were made, but there is no substitute for the real thing.

Sincerely, your Admirer."

Well, that was about it. Lucy's knees went weak, and she sat heavily on the bed. Her rational brain urged her to make for the door right away, but her pounding heart held her there. She ran her hand through the pile of colorful silk. Even without anyone there, she felt she was being taken care of as she longed to be, and the thought of relaxing into it gave her a warm thrill. She knew she would stay and do whatever was asked of her.

She inspected the costume more carefully, and realized it was a harem-girl outfit, with a v-necked top and a skirt made of many streaming pieces of blue, aqua and rose silk, all trimmed with gold thread. There was a pair of dark red silk panties, but no bra. There were numerous scarves as well as some glittering gold jewelery: braclets, earrings, and other chains of various lengths. She tried to imagine the man who wanted her freshly washed and dressed in this classic costume of the submissive. She prayed that it would be someone worthy of giving herself up to. The lingering uncertainty lent an edge of fear to the situation, but in combination with her arousal it left more of a thrill.

At last she arose and opened the champagne, pouring herself a glass. The delicious, dry nectar chilled her throat and spread calming warmth through her body. She went into the bathroom and ran water into the beautiful tub. She chose from a basket of lovely bath products and poured a rosy fluid under the tap. She went back to the room as the bath filled with hot water and bubbles. She took off her shoes, leaving them next to a pair of sandals that appeared to be just her size. She hung her dress in the closet and removed her underwear, folding them away in a drawer.

She topped up her glass and returned to the bathroom. As she stepped through the door and dimmed the lights she admired her tall, sleek form in the mirror. "I look good with just a champagne flute", she thought. Lucy shut off the taps and slipped into the hot water. All thoughts left her mind. Just this much made the trip worthwhile, she thought to herself, and drifted off to another part of herself.

After soaking for a suitable period of time she removed herself from the tub and slowly dried off her delectable form with a large soft towel. She rubbed the luxurious cotton over her long legs and then up her torso. She dried her beautiful arms and caressed her shoulders and breasts. The bath had left her skin soft and subtly scented. She sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed lotion into her arms and legs, and stroked the insides of her thighs with her hands.

Her hand gently traced over her sensitive petals, which send tingles through her body. She pinched one nipple and slipped a finger into her wetness, then made herself stop, savoring her level of arousal.

She left the bathroom and stood over the bed looking at the outfit spread there. Any hesitation she had had was gone now, but the anticipation remained. The question of who would walk through that door, and when, was constantly present. Again, she tried to picture the men in her life who might be behind this (that it was a man she somehow did not question), but none came forward. As she began to dress in the clothes of a pleasure-girl she could not help but think again of the man in the far-away land whom fate had seemed to drive away.

She pushed the long paneled skirt low on her hips to display her perfectly flat belly, and draped a gold chain around her waist. The short purple silk top covered her breasts loosely, joining at one point between them. Its sleeves were transparent, revealing the warm color of her arms. She put on dangling gold earrings, bangles, and clasped a short gold chain around her ankle. She found another fine chain and circled the crown of her head with it, clasping it at a link which kept it there. She selected a particularly sheer black scarf and tucked it into this chain at the sides so it draped across the lower part of her face, revealing only her eyes.

There were still numerous scarves left on the bed, so she tucked several into the waistband of the skirt to hang with the various folds already there. Many still remained, but as she checked her reflection she was quite pleased with the effect. She bent to pick up the scarves to take them to the dresser when she heard a key in the lock.

Lucy straightened up and froze. She had become so involved in putting this costume together to such good effect that she had distracted herself. Now the knot in her stomach returned. The door opened and she still just stood there, clutching the scarves with her back to him.

Someone quietly entered and shut the door. Lucy heard the rustle of a jacket being removed.

"Very nice," his warm voice said, then paused. "I'll admit that I had some fear you might not be here." She knew that voice. Was it him? Her emotions raged. She was relaxed, but energy coursed through her body. She let the silk fall from her hands and slowly turned.

There stood a tall, slender man in a sleek tuxedo with a small black mask over his eyes. It must be him, but some part of her hesitated. He was smiling as his eyes traveled up her form to hers. "As beautiful a slave girl as I have ever seen", he murmured, almost to himself.

Lucy could not talk. The moment that their eyes met she felt that things had gone beyond costumes and playacting. She was compelled to break from his gaze and stare down at the rich carpet.

He spoke again as he turned to the sideboard, "I see you didn't wait for me with the bubbly. Good." He took the bottle poured some for himself, and walked over to fill up her glass by the bed. She dropped the scarves on the bed and took it when he handed it to her.

"To a long-awaited meeting. I suspect that the separation of time will benefit us," he said as he extended his glass. She timidly met his gaze again and gently touched her glass to his. It was slightly difficult to drink with the veil, but Lucy managed to do so with perfect dignity. She looked down again, but he put his finger to her chin and lifted her head. She shut her eyes as he leaned forward and pushed the veil aside and caressed her lips with his.

Lucy closed her eyes as the masked man leaned forward and kissed her. His lips were moist from the champagne, and coupled with her own slightly parted lips with perfection. Her nipples stiffened instantly and her body temperature jumped by several degrees. They remained there, lips lightly brushing lips for a timeless moment, and then he broke away. He smiled into her eyes and dropped his hand from her chin.

Normally an assertive woman, Lucy once again dropped her gaze to the floor. The man took her hand and led her to the other end of the room where he left her standing and sat himself on the love seat. Somehow Lucy knew she should not sit with him. She stood before him and waited for some sign of what to do.

He sat on the couch drinking in her form. Though her gaze was still averted she could feel his eyes. The feeling thrilled her.

"My goodness, I'd forgotten how lovely you are", he said. "Be so good as to display yourself for me."

He went to his bag, which he had left by the door, and returned with a camera. "Simply lovely. I must have some souvenir of this occasion," he said, and proceeded to capture a few images.

Lucy slowly thrust one knee forward between the long strips of fabric and lifted her arms into what she felt was a decent harem-girl pose. She turned and moved through a number of postures which displayed herself beautifully. The man before her made appreciative noises as she did so, continuing to take pictures.

"Very good. You seem to have no trouble adjusting to the role you find yourself in," he said and rose from the couch. He moved behind her and ran his hands over her belly, and lightly up over her breasts. Lucy was in ecstasy. Performing for this man she had desired for so long was bliss, and the slow anticipatory feeling was kindling a warmth deep within.

He stepped away and did something behind her. When he was back he gently took her arms and moved them behind her body. He crossed her wrists and wrapped one of the scarves around them. She was surprised how tightly he bound her hands, but entirely content. He resumed his caresses up and down her body, tracing the insides of her thighs and brushing her mons with a feather-light touch. Her blood was boiling. Her nipples were stone-hard, and radiating electrically. Lucy had her eyes closed as she drifted further and further from the room.

He stepped away again, and then she felt his hands remove the gauzy veil. His fingers parted her lips and he inserted a wad of silk into her mouth.

"You've been very obedient and quiet, but I feel the need to do this, if only for the symbolism of the act," he said, as he firmly bound the gag in place with another scarf.

The first feeling of uncertainty drifted through her mind. In truth, she had never spent any intimate time with this man, and she was now being bound and gagged. She was too far gone at this point to do anything but comply, however, and she simultaneously could feel her pussy pulsing between her thighs. He came around before her and stared into her eyes. He put his hand on her shoulder and gently pressed down.

"Now kneel," he said.

Lucy obeyed, of course, sinking to her knees with her hands bound behind her. He kept the pressure up until she was sitting on her heels. He lifted her chin a bit and bent her shoulders back.

"We must present your breasts to their best effect," he told her.

He looked down into her eyes and she met his gaze. She bravely held forth her breasts and stared forward as he raised the camera again and captured her in a situation she never would have dreamed of posing in before this evening.

Lucy felt completely vulnerable and completely at ease. Somehow she did trust him, although she now had no idea where this would end up. Again the camera flashed.

"Of course you trust can trust me," he said, as if reading her mind. "What other choice does a good slave have?" He lovingly ran his hand through her hair caressing the nape of her neck and smiled. He bent and kissed her on the forehead. His strong, slender fingers cupped her breast. He kissed her temple and squeezed the breast he was fondling. A jolt of electricity traveled to her wet cunt. Lucy moaned through the gag. He kissed her ear and ran his hand down her exposed belly.

With two hands he spread her knees apart further on the carpet. His hand traveled over the low waistband of the skirt and between the folds of silk. He stroked her wet panties and pressed against her vulva. He cupped her mound and pressed the silk into her folds. One strong finger slowly flicked over the nub her hard clit.

Then he stood up and walked away her. She opened her eyes and saw him go to the drapes, where he removed the thick silk drapery cord and brought it back with him. He dropped the length on the rug in front of her as he walked past to the champagne bucket. He set his glass down and removed his jacket, which he carefully hung up in the closet.

Lucy's captor returned to her, a dashing villain in a well-cut white cotton shirt and black spy-mask. He sipped from his glass and surveyed the damsel before him, then put it down and retrieved the rope, which he began to wind around her upper torso, pinning her arms to her sides. The thick, soft cord wrapped several times around before he started tying it. He bound the cord tightly, biting into her breasts. Lucy had never imagined an attraction to being bound, but her breath caught in her throat at the feeling of the cord on her nipples and she could feel her pussy lips swelling and parting with excitement.

Then he fetched a couple more scarves from the bed, untied her wrists and brought her forearms up against each other, still behind her back. He gently arranged her hands so that they were cupping her elbows, and proceeded to bind her arms together there. Again, she was surprised at how securely she was being tied up. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but that only seemed to add to the stimulation she felt.

After a few more tugs on his knots he stood back and admired his work. "What a pretty package you make," he said as he reached for his camera. "I shall treasure these images forever." All Lucy could do now was stare at him. Her pulse thundered through her veins. Whatever he had in mind, any noise she made would be at best interpreted as lovemaking beyond the surrounding walls.

The man sipped his champagne again and ran his hands over her body. Her legs were starting to go to tingle, but she had no desire but to behave as well as he wished her to. The anticipation of what he might do next kept her riveted. Her mind willed his hands to grip her flesh tighter, to move further. Her body hungered for whatever contact he would consent to supply.

He pulled her top apart through the tight ropes, drawing the smooth silk over her flesh to expose her breasts. He pushed the ropes aside enough to pinch and rub her nipples. Lucy moaned louder as he flicked his tongue over her goose-pimpled flesh and blew across her nipples. He sat back and took more photos. Her wanton feelings had her head swimming as she tried to communicate the height of her desire to the camera through only her eyes and her ripe body. Even without his hands on her she heard animal noises rising from her throat.

He put the camera down and returned to fondling her. She pushed her breasts against his hands as he knelt and cupped them from behind and he responded by gripping them strongly and grinding his cock against her ass. She pushed back against the rod she felt through damnable layers of fabric. Her only wish was that he would take her. Take her long and hard.

His hands were moving up and down her body. One large open hand would press against her belly as he pushed his pelvis forward and his other hand savagely squeezed her breast. Then one hand would wrap around her, pressing her bound arms between them as the other slipped between her legs and to her dripping panties. He stroked her labia, pressed her clit, and again pushed the silk into her.

"Let's try something else fun," he said.

When he let go she whimpered and sagged. Without his body against hers she felt as though a chill air had filled the room. She could hear him rummaging in his bag, and then she heard a humming noise. He pressed the large, round head of a massager-style vibrator against her mound. Her muffled cries escaped as she felt the waves of pleasure of an instant orgasm erupt. She ground her pussy against the instrument and bucked over and over again.

Before long, however, he switched off the tool and set it aside. Lucy was swaying on her knees, sure she would soon collapse. He helped her rise and led her to the bed. She collapsed into the thick comforter and lay breathing heavily, almost unaware of her state. Belatedly she realized he was taking more photos.

"Can't let you rest long too long," he said after a few shots. He bent her leg back so he could tie her ankle to her thigh with a generous length of silk. When he seemed satisfied that that one was secure he went to work on the other, leaving her firmly frog-tied. Then he rolled her over onto her chest and put her knees under her, leaving her ass high in the air. From his bag he produced a bundle of white nylon rope, which he used to tie each leg to the bed, looping it through her bent knees. She was completely immobilized like this.

He began snapping pictures again, removing her skirt after the first few. With the side of her face pressed into the bed she watched him put the camera down and go get his champagne.

"Damn," he said. "It's gone warm. He picked up the phone and dialed room service, asking for another bottle. Alarm went off in her head. Now that some of her excitement had been relieved by her climax she was able to think a bit more clearly. She realized that he was asking someone to come to the room, while she was tied to the bed with her ass facing the door. She tried to make a sound of protest, but nothing coherent could come out.

"Don't worry, dear Lucy," he said. "This place is the epitome of discreet." Somehow that was not the answer which would console her. His hands now returned to her body, however.

"You do seem to respond well to the situation, my darling slave girl," he said. His fingers reached under the gusset of her panties and slid through wet, slippery, bald pussy lips. "I don't think I've ever experienced a wetter snatch." Almost instantly as he fingered her cunt the slut within took over once more, and she found herself pushing against his hand. The vibrator had been satisfying, yes, but she longed for penetration.

He stepped away, then returned, and deftly her panties were cut from her, baring her pussy to the caressing hand. She pressed against the fingers which teased at the opening of her cunt, and her body hungered for the feel of the cock she had fantasized after for so long. The rigid cock that was so close, but maddeningly withheld.

A knock came at the door, and the hand was removed.

"Come in," he said. "It's unlocked."

"Here you go sir. Shall I just put it here?"


"That's a lovely sight, if you don't mind my saying so, sir. Shall I open it?"

"Yes. A lovely sight, indeed. And a very well-behaved girl, at that." As her captor spoke he was running his hand over her ass, and stroking the outside of her pussy.

Lucy was frozen. What would he do? How well did she really know him, anyway. Giving herself to him this way was somewhat like a game. A hot, intense game, but how far would he go with his control of her? How much consent had she implied as she had greeted him so submissively? At the same time a hot, slutty sensation welled up within her to be examined like that.

"Can you sign here, sir? Thank you. If you need anything else, just call."

With that the door closed, and Lucy felt a rush of relief over the remaining sense of humiliation to have enjoyed that as she had.

"Well, Lucy," he said pouring himself a glass of champagne, "how are we doing?" Lucy peered up at him and made no noise through her gag.

The man started to tug on some of the ropes. "it's gotten a bit loose," he said. "We'll just have to fix that."

He went about snugging the ropes so she was firmly held. He adjusted the ropes across her chest so that her nipples were squeezed between cords going just above and below them. As he firmly jerked the other bonds into place the ropes moved against her nipples and rubbed them against the bedspread, on the edge of pain, but sending her shivers.

After that he began to fondle her pussy again. At first he cupped it completely, and then he dipped a finger into her wet slit. He ran his finger firmly over her clit, which was still swollen and sensitive. As soon as he put two fingers she started to press back against his hand.

"No matter what, you are ready for it, aren't you?" He says. "I think it's about time I did something more for me."

He stepped back from her and took another swig of champagne. He untied his bow tie, and then his shirt, revealing his smooth, slender torso. He sat and took off his shoes and socks, then stood and unzipped his pants, relieving the bulge in his crotch. As his boxers came into view she could see his large cock standing there behind the smooth cotton.

He slipped his trousers and boxers off all at once, leaving him standing there in only his mask, with his thick, rigid member standing up and out from his body at an angle.

Lucy's juices started running down her leg. Her cunt was begging for that rod. One orgasm from the vibrator had done nothing to relieve the sexual tension built up in her.

He walked around behind her and climbed up onto the bed. "And now, little miss, I will use you for my pleasure," he said as his cock head pressed against her smooth, slick vulva. With his hands on her hips he unerringly slid his cock deep within her. It pressed between her labia and spread her open. Her tight cunt was stretched around him, but her generous lubrication allowed him to go all the way in with the first stroke.

As she felt herself mercifully filled Lucy let out a deep, deep moan through her gag. His hands gripped her ass tightly as he slid her all the way off of his cock. He pulled her towards him again and slid his now slippery cock between her ass cheeks and against her lower back. He pulled back and drew his cock head over her rosebud and back to her waiting snatch.

Again the thick rod spread her open and filled her completely. He held her there and Lucy pushed herself as far onto him as she could go. Her teeth were clenched around the silk in her mouth and she was panting through her nose.

He drew back and thrust again, his hands gripping her hips tightly enough to leave bruises. He grunted as he pushed hard against her own thrust, burying his cock as deeply as he could. He pulled slowly half way and then slowly pressed back into her until his thighs were pressed into her ass. Lucy was grunting with the exertion of taking his cock as fully as she could. Her body hungered for it to fill her and she took him and took him as deeply as she could, her cunt stretched taught about his rigid shaft.

He picked up the pace and started to use her body as a fuck-toy, ramming her back and forth on his member. Her clit was throbbing and begging for contact, but his hands stayed at her hips as he pushed her back and forth. Soon his grunting increased with each thrust and he started to thrust even deeper, if that was at all possible. Lucy's button was sending sparks through her nervous system and muted screams could be heard from behind her gag. Suddenly he thrust as deeply as he had and held her still as his cock pulsed and pulsed and sent powerful blasts against her cervix, flooding her tight snatch with jism.

He held her there for a minute or so and then thrust in and out a few more times before pulling out and flopping down on the bed next to her. Lucy lay there panting through her nose, heart racing, breasts crushed against the ropes and felt the cum ooze from her snatch.

"Mmmm," he said, "very nice." Lucy responded with her own snort of appreciation. He sat up and exhaled deeply. He sipped some champagne and regarded her. "My, god," he said, "what a tableau," and grabbed the camera from the nightstand. He started with her face, moving her sweaty hair out of the way. As he focused in on her face she regarded him with smoldering intensity, and let out a low moan, as if to say, "I'm just getting started".

He stepped back and photographed her from angles more and more pornographic. As he captured the depravity of her situation inch by inch, his cock began to rise again. He slowly stroked himself as he snapped away. As he knelt between her legs she spread her self as best she could, thrusting her ass at the camera. She had never felt so debauched as that camera had clicked between her thighs, capturing the cum running down her leg.

Her body hungered for more, however, and the sight of him holding his stiff cock in his fist gave her reason to hope. He soon stepped back and let go. He took another sip of champagne. "Hmm, I'm hungry," he said, and picked up the phone again.

Lucy's heart slowly approached a normal rate as she listened to her captor order a club sandwich from the kitchen. He put down the phone, drained his glass and put on a robe.

"Well," he said. "I should probably check your bonds, shouldn't I," and proceeded to go about tightening and re-tying various knots. His strong hands held her by the hips as he adjusted her position to his liking, then methodically checked and tightened all of her bonds. He adjusted her gag and gently brushed the hair out of her eyes as the knock came at the door.

"Come in," he said, as before. Lucy couldn't see the door, but as she listened it open she was quite aware of the sight she presented, and felt herself flush as the cart wheeled into the room.
"Wow. Would you look at that," said the room-service guy. "What a perfectly hot bitch you have there, sir," he continued as he transferred the food to the table at the back of the room. Lucy could see him now, a young man in an immaculate grey wool uniform with red piping.

"Thank you. Yes, she is about as hot as can be, isn't she," said the other voice.

"Sign here sir."

"Thank you. Would you care to stay and admire the scenery a bit more?" said her master (for that's what she was coming to see him as) as he sat down at the table.

"What a question. Of course!" replied the boy, stroking the bulge in his pants. Lucy's heart was pounding by now. Where would this go?

As she heard her master say "Just no touching, understand?" she was filled with conflict. Her mind did not feel like having this stranger touch her, but her body lusted for more contact. Her cunt hungered to be filled more and more.

As her master sat eating the boy walked around behind her for a better view, stroking his hard cock and murmuring appreciation all the while. Lucy felt like a complete slut to be so turned on by this situation.

After a while her master stood up and said, "how about a new view?" He came over and un-did the restraints which kept her on her knees and gently rolled her onto her back, then tied her again, completely spread-eagled. Then he picked up the big vibrator and placed it against her thigh with it's head on her pussy and tied it in place with a pair of scarves. He switched it on and stepped back as she closed her eyes and let out a long, deep moan.

"Oh, fuck," said the room service boy. The master put a pillow under her head so she could see the boy standing next to the bed between her legs. As the motor whirred and sent it's waves of pleasure into her body she watched him unzip his fly and free his cock.

Her eyes were as riveted on his pulsing, dribbling member as his were locked to her wet, gaping red pussy. The buzzing hardware seemed connected to her entire nervous system through her clit. Her nipples, still pinched between the ropes ached with pain and pleasure. She moaned and moaned through the gag as she watched the boy's fist pump up and down his slick shaft.

Too soon he began to grunt and thrust his hips forward. A thick jet of cum blasted from the head of his cock and splattered over her belly and breasts. Hot, sticky liquid burned her flesh and sent her over the top. Lucy bucked her hips with a desire to take him deep inside her, pressing into the vibrator and cumming like an avalanche. Jet after jet erupted from his cock and rained down on her legs, her stomach, her snatch, her face, her breasts. Her muffled screams escaped from her as she came in an explosive orgasm which went on an on as the electric pleasure instrument buzzed away relentlessly.

As her ragged gasps struggled from her throat the boy regained awareness and leaned forward, switching off the toy. Lucy closed her eyes and sunk backward into the bed drifting on a post-climactic cloud.

She slowly returned to awareness. Her master sat on the bed next to her in a bathrobe talking gently and gazing at her body with admiring eyes. She was gagged and tied spread-eagled across the big soft bed.

"That was indescribably hot. You are just amazing," he said. He untied the scarves from her thigh which had held the big vibrator against her clit while it drove her wild. He cupped her slippery pussy and ran his hands over and between her swollen, slick, open lips. He brought his hand to his lips and tasted their mixed fluids.

"Mmmm. You need to taste this. I know how much you would like it," he said. He reached forward and cupped her chin with his hand and smeared a glob of cum which was on her cheek with his thumb before undoing her gag. Then he returned two fingers to her leaking pussy and fed them to her. Greedily she sucked and tasted both her familiar flavor, and his rich salty taste.

"You are magnificent," he said, "but I am certainly not finished with you."

He smiled and proceeded to run his fingers through the cum on her breasts and belly on the way to her pussy again, where he started to manipulate her lips roughly and press hard against her clit. He pushed three slippery fingers quickly into her marvelously tight cunt. Although she was wet and loose it had been at least a half hour since his cock had been there and she grunted with a bit of good pain as she was stretched again by his big hand.

He thrust his fingers in and out and roughly thumbed her clit as he ground his cock against her thigh. It was certainly working. She started breathing deeply and pushing against his hand. He slipped his fingers out and started rubbing with his open hand over her whole mound. He smeared her wetness all over, running his hand into her ass crack which was slippery from her dipping cunt. His fingers started stroking her anus and then he slipped one finger in and thrust deep.

Guttural sounds struggled from her as he alternately fucked her ass with is finger and then stroked her pussy and clit. Soon he had added another finger when he thrust in. Desperate to be filled again, she quickly relaxed her ass as he worked in and out of it. Deep within, she could feel the foundations of another orgasm beginning to stir. He ground harder at both holes, and then abruptly removed his hand and stopped.

Now he moved to straddle her chest, and she immediately opened wide and strained her head to reach for his cock. He helped, grabbing a handful of her hair and she moaned gratefully as he filled her mouth. His tense fist completely in control of her motions, he pushed his cock deep. The discomfort of the thick cock jammed into her throat merely heightened her fog of lust. His obvious pleasure at using her like this, taking whatever he wanted, left her only wanting to give him more. He pulled it out, then thrust back, her saliva smearing all over.

"That's it, my slut," he said, his voice tense. "Get it wet. It's going in your ass next," he said, as he held her head firmly, cock crammed down her throat. Unable to breathe, securely tied, completely used, a new rush went through her, and a new flood of wetness streamed from her cunt. She felt the hunger in her ass immediately, so ready and desperate to feel that fullness. He withdrew his shaft, streams of spit dribbling as he rubbed it on her face.

"Yes, I need that ass," he said and backed off to untie the ropes which kept her on her back. He lifted her onto her knees again but didn't take the time to bind her to the bed. Her arms were still bound behind her, the ropes still crossing roughly over her nipples, and her ankles were still bound to her thighs.

One strong hand gripped her hip as he moved behind her and guided his cock to her little pink hole. She felt his weight shift as his hard, wet head pressed against her with increasing pressure. A rising moan began as she sensed that moment close, then turned into a scream as she felt herself open up, and his cock begin to slide into her, stretching her asshole open wider and wider. Blissfully unrestrained by the gag now her noises filled the room. Thrust by thrust his hard, thick cock slid into her ass steadily. Effortlessly it spread her open and filled her deeply. He held her with both hands now and pulled and pushed her body on and off his rod.

Lucy's screaming just didn't let up as she felt her ass filled by that heavenly cock. When properly aroused, there was little that could compare for her to anal sex, and this whole experience had her wound up like never before. The evening's mixture of temptation, stimulation and humiliation had brought out every wanton impulse of hers. Hours of being handled as his plaything had now come to a head as she felt him lose his perpetual control and just use her like a piece of meat, still bound and helpless. He filled her body over and over and over and over.

The man's moans became loud, soon competing with her screams, and he gripped her more and more tightly, thrust more and more roughly, then speared her as deeply as he could and held her there as spurt after spurt of hot cum jetted deep into her insides. The crazy, mixed set of factors, physical, cerebral and emotional, put her right over the edge again, and she arched her back and pressed her ass up to feel him as deeply as possible as she climaxed with him. The waves traveled through her whole self, and she felt as though her body were exploding. All was orgasm and light.


Lucy awoke to the sound of the door opening. She was sandwiched in soft, thick cotton sheets under a heavy comforter. Gentle sunlight came through the window. She rolled over and saw a young woman in an impeccable maid's uniform bring in a cart.

"Good morning," the woman said smiling warmly at her. "Here you go." Lucy stretched under the covers and ran her hands over her body which felt clean and smooth. Her hair felt freshly washed. The maid put the tray across her lap and wheeled the cart out. As the door clicked shut she picked up the envelope which was sitting on the tray. She felt the thick paper and gazed around the room, noticing a folded set of unfamiliar clothes on the loveseat. She saw soft wool and bits of lace among them.

She opened the envelope. The ivory card inside had his handwriting in strong black ink.

"Good morning, my sweet. I trust you slept well. It might do to check the calendar to see how many days you've slept. While I regret that our trysts must be so short, and so infrequent, I take consolation in the knowledge that I will always have something good to do for you, and that you will always be ready to take it."


  1. Damn....fuck me. I don't even know what to say that was uhhh fucking awesome.

  2. Mmmmmmm! You are a wonderfully wicked man.

  3. sg: That good, mmm? Thank you for that praise. I love to stir you deeply.

    naughty: I just love a woman who appreciates that.

  4. Good Grief. In a good way, a damn good way.

  5. Why thank you, mk. I'm flattered by your praise.