Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love them all

I love the romance junkie, who yearns for a kiss to make her go weak 
in her lover's strong arms.
I revel in the sensualist, as she reaches out to embrace each new experience.
I burn for the slut, who hungrily welcomes me wherever and whenever I want.
I cherish the giver, who lives to share her passion.
I enjoy the dance with the woman of the world, who knows what she wants, 
and how to get it.
I delight in indulging the pupil, her eager curiosity opening her mind to 
whatever I have to teach.
I love the complex truth of the world, which is that every real woman 
contains some unique and heady mix of these.

And I love finding just the right words to whisper in each ear to make her wet as she can be.


  1. Well stated EB, and unique is the man who understands this. For we are fluid ever-changing creatures.

  2. and those of us wired that way love those words more than treasure. little words more valuable than gold or diamonds. pretty powerful, no?

  3. sg - Never stop changing, never make it easy for us...

    sommer - Yes, yes, we love our words. nothing compares, he says, before promptly being distracted by a heavenly female form. well then, heavenly bodies made warm by words...

  4. I loved that. And a man who can see all those things in a woman is perfect in my book.

    Cate xxx

  5. Thank you, Cate, for the sweet compliment.