Monday, March 2, 2009

Crowded Elevator

The little remote-control vibe was your idea, my delicious little minx, but you should have seen your eyes when I pulled it out of my pocket in the cab on the way to dinner. A turmoil of anticipation and apprehension was exposed on your face as you obediently lifted your little dress and slipped the silvery bullet into your panties. We had a great time with that throughout dinner. I surprised you at the most inopportune times, and you absolutely loved it. Struggling to conceal your panting lust next to the waiter, the repeated glances from other diners at your little noises, the bus boy's eyes on your bullet-hard nipples as you squirmed in your chair, all this made your blood boil all the more.

By the time we left the restaurant you were relieved to finally head for our comfy suite, but nervous about the challenge of getting there. The little device was still wedged there between your swollen, slippery lips, causing you spasms of pleasure at the worst moments, and the wine had wrecked your self-control. As you stood, steadying yourself with one hand on the back of your chair while the constant buzzing continued, you felt the cool wetness on your thighs and wondered if the tiny dress was even enough to conceal the evidence of your slutty lack of control.  I came close and put my arm around you, whispering "good girl" in your ear. These words and my quiet strength gave you a calm reassurance, and my guiding arm allowed you to relax and resist the urge to come.

You floated through the cab ride, and walked through the hotel lobby without noticing anything. Things were bustling, and we rode up in an elevator packed with noisy people going to the rooftop bar. More than one pair of eyes greedily undressed your ravishing form as we entered, sensing the erotic energy which suffused your being. We stood by the glass wall, and as the night time city came into view people around us and behind us crowded to look. I chose that moment to switch the remote to full. You clutched at my arm, struggling to keep control as the maddening sensations radiated from your crotch. 

Then there was my whisper in your ear again: "Come now, my pet." The orgasm hit you instantly. The toy, my words, the humiliation of the audience, and finally my obvious pleasure at displaying you so were too much to overcome. You gasped and shuddered, gripping me to steady yourself, trying to maintain, somehow. Even through the climactic fog you were stunned that my control could be that direct. Your vision blurred, the lights of the city dancing before you, and you jerked against me again and again, unable to hold in your moans.

I finally turned it down as we reached our floor. As we made our way through the small packed space you managed to focus again, a woman's smirking face right before you, then another couple talking and staring at you. Still awash in the feelings, you just snuggled under my strong arm and drifted down the hall.

I know, I know: the remote-control vibe is an overused story device, but it WAS her idea, and who am I to deny my plaything her toys?


  1. I believe I was just floating on your words and deft imagery. Delightfully wicked.

  2. I like it. Maybe too much. What does that say about me? And you?

  3. Naughty: Thank you. It is a joy to leave you floating.

    Secret: Clearly it says that you're a slut in need of control. As for me?

  4. I could go for some of that. I do it sometimes, but it's semi-self-inflicted.

  5. Thank you very much, southerngirl.

    Lilly: "Semi-self-inflicted"? Do tell... and in elevators?

  6. I have been made to walk around with a bullet vibe in my panties and I've also done it willingly. At work, at the store. Never have had one of those truly remote vibes though and another person to control it....I need to get me one of those.

  7. I am a bit more kinky than my fiance but I really want to buy one of these and give him the control. Do you think he'll take full advantage of the control?