Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Room & Board, pt 2 - Moving Day

you might want to read part 1 first.

One week after Melanie's eventful interview she and Susan were lugging her boxes up to Jack's 2nd floor apartment. Having heard only a lightweight account of Melanie's previous visit Susan wouldn't hear of Melanie moving by herself. She was dying to meet Jack, and to snoop around the apartment. He had welcomed them quickly in the morning, given Melanie keys, and then taken off for a meeting.

As soon as Jack left, Susan wanted to start going through the place, but Melanie kept her busy moving stuff from the car to her new room, and then booted her out the door as soon as everything was in. This was her new home (and adventure), and she wanted to explore it on her own before Jack returned.

The place was still just as cluttered as last time, and the kitchen was piled even higher. She could see that the cleaning lady just made do by running the vacuum and mop around between the piles. That was going to have to change.

She felt unsettled with the apartment in this shape, so she decided to get right to work. She was warm from moving all those boxes, so she kicked off her jeans and put her mop of dyed-black hair up into pigtails. Standing there in just her panties and shirt, she remembered his wish for her to display herself while home. "OK then", she said to herself. "Showing off it is", and removed her bra and top as well, letting her full breasts swing loose. She rummaged in her bag and pulled out a thin tank top which barely contained her chest. The anticipation of him coming home to her like this made her nipples stand right through the flimsy fabric.

Not really sure where to begin, she started moving about, picking up this and that. A lot of the mess was clearly work papers, and it was hard to know what to do with them, so she just picked up the cups and glasses and moved them to the kitchen. There were a few sweaters and things, which she gathered up and carried to Jack's bedroom.

It was her bedroom too, she thought with a thrill. She was living with a man now. She never thought her first time living with a man would be an arrangement like this, but she was completely excited. This room was a mess as well, but easier to figure out, so she decided to start with that. As she picked up the various clothes and tossed them into the hamper she caught his smell, which went right to her head. She buried her face in one of his t-shirts and felt her nipples crinkle and her snatch start to moisten.

continue...She added some dirty clothes of her own and lugged it all to the washer. The sight of her clothes mixed with his was yet another turn-on, and she reached down and gave her pussy a rub. Why was she so incredibly turned on by each of these little things? It was almost more exciting than moving in with a boyfriend. Perhaps it was the slightly taboo nature of their arrangement.

As Melanie tossed the clothes into the washer she grabbed a shirt she had picked up from his bed and breathed his scent in deeply. She slipped one hand into her panties and began rubbing her clit. She leaned back against the washer and spread her thighs so she could moisten her fingers in her slit.

She leaned there, running the soft cotton, fragrant with his man-smell, over her body while she worked frantically at her cunt. She imagined him sleeping in the soft, well-worn shirt. Soon she would be sleeping there, too. She moaned into the shirt at the thought. She put first one, then two fingers in, but she could only think of his long fingers instead, just as she had done dozens of times in the past week.

This time was different, though. Within hours, maybe less, she would feel his hands upon her again. She slumped to the floor, two fingers plunging away in her cunt while her other hand rubbed frantically at her clit. She thrashed her head against the washer as she came, coating her hand with her sloppy juices.

She caught her breath there against the washer, slowly running her fingers over her vulva, then pulled her hand from her panties, tossed the shirt in with the rest and started the washer, then headed back to the bedroom. She found clean sheets in the bathroom closet, and made the bed. There were lots of books in various piles, and she tried to make some order of them. As she moved about she peeked into drawers, and all around. She didn't know what she was looking for. She just wanted to explore. His dresser and closet were filled with nice, if simple stuff, and she didn't find anything of note. The nightstand drawer did contain a bottle of lube and a few lengths of silk rope, which she found quite intriguing, as well as an opened package of condoms.

The sight of the condoms gave her another rush. During the past week she and Jack had discussed their sexual histories and health, had concluded that his vasectomy would be all the protection they would need, and promised each other that they would use protection if they had sex with anyone else. This would be the first time in her life she had engaged in unprotected sex without any worry, and she found her hand in her pants again as her mind filled with images of his lovely cock. His bare cock. Hers, for her pussy only. She flopped back on the bed and sped away at her clit once more.

Jack came home a few hours later. By that time Melanie had the bedroom, kitchen and living room pretty much in order. She had cleared the floor in the main space, and moved all the papers onto the table. She had her back to the door, with the vacuum running, so she didn't hear him until he shut the door, rather loudly.

Melanie looked back over her shoulder and saw him standing there staring at her ass. She was suddenly very conscious of how she looked. There was simply no grace in vacuuming, and she felt sloppy and pudgy in her sweaty underwear. She clicked off the machine and turned to face him.

"Hi," she said, a little uncertainly.

"Wow," he said, "Look at what you've done! This place looks transformed."

She looked around the room.

"You're easily impressed," she replied, but she smiled a bit at his genuine enthusiasm. "I still have plenty of work to do, though. Could you do something about those papers?"

He came over to her and chuckled.

"I like the way you're making yourself right at home," he said, standing close so she had to tilt her head back to look up into his face, "and looking hot as can be, at the same time."

He reached out and cupped her left breast in his big hand. He caressed it gently through her sweaty cotton top, then squeezed. It felt really good, and she closed her eyes and sighed.

He kissed her lightly on the lips as his other hand ran over her ass. As she stood there just breathing, he massaged her ass and breast while his kisses roved all over her face, on her closed eyelids, behind her ear, moving down her neck.

"Mmmm," he breathed, "You taste so good."

Her nipples tighened as she felt his tongue run along her neck, down to her slick collarbone. His hand slipped into her panties and he slid a long, slender finger between her sweaty ass cheeks. Melanie rocked herself forward, leaning on the vaccuum cleaner, lifting her ass for him.

She let out a half-offering, half-begging little noise that caught in her throat as his finger tip brushed over her rosebud. He pinched her nipple and kissed her again, locking lips this time and probing deeply with his tongue. His squeezing, probing hand continued down the crack of her raised, pleading ass and over right into her pussy.

"My, aren't you swollen and sloppy. Does housework always do this to you?"

"Mmm," she replied, "only when I know I could get bent over and used at any moment."

"Do you think I should bend you over right now?"

"Uh huh," she just managed to say, as three of his fingers entered her begging cunt.

"If you want something, why don't you just ask?"

"Please," she panted.

"Please? Tell me what you want."

"Oh, please! Please bend me over and fuck me. Fuck me now."

Jack eased his hand out of her panties and took the vacuum from her hands and then twisted her around and forward with a firm hand gripping her butt.

"We'll see about that, but go ahead and bend over."

She caught herself with both hands on the back of a chair, and silently complied as his hands positioned her as he wanted. He pulled down her panties and positioned her legs apart more, then stepped back. Melanie felt hot and exposed, ass in the air, wearing nothing but her flimsy little top that barely contained her heavy, hanging tits.

"Mmmm. What a lovely round ass," he said, starting to run his hand over her bare ass. He caressed her up and down her thighs, then up and over her ass and to her back. He pressed down gently but firmly on the small of her back, leading Melanie to tilt her ass up even further for him.

"Let's have a good look at all this lovelyness," he said, spreading her legs more. She stayed completely silent and still as she held the pose, rampantly hot at showing herself so sluttishly.

Now his hand went back down over her ass and between her legs, where he cupped her vulva and stroked her gently. Melanie was focused purely on his motions, willing him to stroke her clit.

"Smooth and silky. Do you shave, or wax?"

"Wax," she breathed. She smiled at the memory of how trashy she'd felt getting her pussy and ass waxed the day before. Intentionally scheduling the appointment for the afternoon before moving in seemed so businesslike. She even told the girl in the salon that she was "doing it for work". "I guess that explains why you're leaking like a faucet," the girl had chuckled as she dabbed at Melanie's dribbling pussy with a towel.

Jack's hand was roaming all over her crotch, getting her hotter and hotter.

"Still, I thought I told you I preferred a bit of a bush up above," he said, stroking her bald mound.

"I don't know... Pussies should always be cute and tidy," she managed with a little smirk as she tried to press into his hand further.

"Well, I'm not into little girls. You can keep your pubes trimmed as nice and tidy as you like, but you'll grow it in up here, won't you?" He punctuated this polite command with a light smack on her ass.

Startled, she let out a little "ooh," with only a hint of "ouch". She wiggled her ass.

He smacked it again. "Well?"

Melanie made an effort to think with her mind, not her ass, and remember what he was talking about. "Yes. Yes, I will," she replied, a bit chagrined at the image of icky stubble. Oh well, it wouldn't last forever. Being a professional meant pleasing the client, she supposed.

He squatted on his haunches, gripped her ass cheeks his strong hands and spread her wide open.

"Oh god," she murmured as she felt her labia part, releasing a trickle of wetness down her thigh. He squeezed her ass, and ran a thumb up and down her crack, from her slit to her butt hole.

"What a nice little pink pucker," he said, making circles over it with his thumb, then pressing in just a bit. "So clean."

She gave herself a little slut point for the soapy finger she'd slipped up her butt in the shower this morning. That would have to become a habit.

Keeping her spread wide, he leaned forward. Melanie let out a little whimper as she felt his breath on her cunt, then she gasped, as he pressed against her swollen clit with his tongue.

"Mmmm," he murmured as he licked along her slit. "You taste wonderful."

Melanie was in heaven as he lapped away at her cunt juices, which seemed to flow from her too fast for him to clean up. He slipped his thumb into her cunt and went right for her clit. She screamed within moments of him starting to suck on it and crashed into a quaking orgasm.

She collapsed over the back of the armchair, and lay there gasping for a moment, until she heard him undo his belt and drop his pants. She rolled over to the sight of his big cock standing there, for her. It looked as hard as could be, with a fuzzy cloud of hair around his large, purple balls.

"Come here," he said.

She needed no more urging than that, and was on her knees before him in no time. She stared innocently up at him and opened her mouth and waited. Inches from her face, his cock twitched in time with his pulse.

Holding his cock in one hand he rubbed the head around her lips, smearing them with pre-cum. He put his cock into her mouth and she happily wrapped her lips around the warm, hard shaft. She looked up into his eyes while running her tongue over the smooth, veiny flesh.

With a hand on her head he began to slowly slide in and out of her mouth. She reached up with one hand and felt his large heavy balls. He moaned as she stroked the base of his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started to stroke.

Melanie began working his cock earnestly now, taking him far into her mouth, smearing slobber up and down as she went. She was letting out little sighs and moans, betraying her great love of cock sucking.

He gripped her head with both hands and made her look up at him again. She opened her eyes wide and stared back at him as he started to fuck her face. She moaned as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper, letting him force his hot head into her throat.

Melanie's obvious eagerness and enjoyment sent Jack's arousal through the roof, and after only a few deep strokes in and out of her throat he pulled her off of him, stood her up, and guided her over to the table. Still holding her by one arm, he swept his other across the table, sending most of the neatly-stacked papers right onto the floor. He pulled off her top and pushed her back onto the table.

"Take off yours, too," she said.

"Glady," he said, pulling his black t-shirt over his head.

As he lifted her legs up and brought his cock near her sopping pussy she looked at his body, completely naked for the first time. She held her own legs spread wide for him and gazed at his torso, at his trim muscles visible right beneath his smooth olive skin. Holding his cock in one hand he rubbed his head up and down her slit, teasing her swollen lips apart.

She moaned with urgent need for him to fill her with his cock, and pressed against him as well as she could. He rubbed his cock head against her clit and ran his cock up and all the way over it. She groaned as she felt the hard ridge along the underside ripple over her throbbing bud. He worked his way back down, slipping the tip between her folds. Silky-smooth, their bare, sensitive skin came in contact. He pressed in a bit more, then withdrew, and rubbed his cock over her clit again, then traced down over her slit with the tip and all the way to her butt hole.

Finally he placed his head back against her dripping pussy, gripped her thighs, and slowly slid on in. Melanie was in heaven as she felt his thick shaft spread her cunt wider and wider, deeper and deeper. He went past where his fingers had been, past where her vibrator went. It was unlike anything she'd felt in ages and ages.

"Oh god," he said. "So tight."

"Mmmm. So big," she replied.

Soon her pussy was stretched and filled completely, and her cunt felt wonderful gripping and holding him there. He stood with his thighs against hers, looking down on her body with total concenration. She lay there and watched him right back until he caught her looking. He met her gaze with lust in his eyes as he started stroking in and out, stretching her apart again with each thrust.

"Oh, oh. Fuck me," she moaned.

"Yes, that's right. You want it, don't you?"

"Oh yes. So bad. Fuck my pussy."

Slowly and steadily he plunged away, filling her entirely, then drawing his cock almost all the way out.

"What a hot, hot thing you are," he said. His words made her moan. "Definitely a wanton cockslut. Tell me how much you love cock."

"Oh god. I love cock. Oh yes."

"My live-in slut. To use when I like," he said, punctuated by a grunt as he rammed his cock home again.

"Oh yes. Any time. Fill me with your cock. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," she streamed on and on.

Soon the pace had picked up and he leaned forward and took her bouncing breasts in his hands. He squeezed, and caressed, pinched and stroked. She felt his strong fingers sink into her flesh as his hands gripped her heavy breasts more and more in time with his harder and harder thrusts. He pinched her stiffened nipples more and more roughly, causing her to cry and shudder, and moisten further.

"Take it, slut," he said. "You know you like it."

"Oh, yeah. Fuck me. Use me as your fucktoy," she continued.

He rammed his big cock in and out of her hungry cunt, his hands at her waist, pulling her on and off his cock, using her for his pleasure. She held her legs open as far as she could, pitching her ass back and forth on the table to rub her swollen clit against his belly each time he hit home. Spasms went through her from pussy to brain like lightning. She could feel every nerve in her body alive with the anticipation of orgasm.

He slowed down, continuing to slowly slide all the way in and out of her.

"You just want all the cock you can get, don't you, slut?"

"Oh yes."

"What does that make you?" he asked.

"A slut," she replied.

Melanie was in ecstasy getting her cunt plowed by this commanding man and his big hard cock. This was nothing like the mechanical fucking most of her experiences had been. Jack was a man who knew how to get her into the state he wanted. He used his hands and cock to pleasure her body, and he worked his words into her mind to wind her up even further.

All this rewarding attention made her want to please him even more. She was ready to do anything he wanted. To be the trashiest slut in existence for his pleasure.

"I'm a filthy cockslut!" She cried out. "I'm a goddamned trashy live-in fucktoy. Use me as your whore."

Her own words crashing around in her head added to the excruciatingly hot physical pleasure radiating from her stretched wide, filled up cunt.

"Oh fuck. I'm coming. Make me cum. Fuck me hard. Use your slut," she cried on and on as she came, her cunt pulsing and grasping at his rigid cock.

He responded to her words and rammed away in and out of her, his hard belly pounding against her clit with each stroke. Then he and rammed deeper than ever and called out and stiffened, holding her body clamped to his. She felt his cock spasm over and over as her pussy flooded with his cum until it she felt it run down over her ass.

Eventually he relaxed and slid his cock in and out slowly a few times, slipping easily through the mixture of their juices. Then he leaned forward, the weight of his body on hers, and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around him and met his kiss completely, and slowly ground her pussy against him.

They made out for a time as his cock relaxed a bit, and then he gently pulled out and shifted to sit on the edge of the table. She lay there looking up at him, this man she seemed to be in the process of giving herself completely to. He sat by her side, watching her. He stroked her cheek, and ran his fingers through her hair.

Then he got her up and led her off to a nice bath, put on sweats and headed to the kitchen to start making dinner.

Part 3 is now available for your pleasure...


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