Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Room & Board, Part 1 - The Interview

OK, so this one is clearly packed with married, middle-aged man fantasy. Guilty as charged. I fond of it, though, so here it is.

Melanie had been through some twists and turns in her life, but she never expected to end up like this. It all started with a Craigslist ad, in the "housing" section, of all places.

"Oh my god, check this one out!" squealed Susan. "'Full Room & Board for Young Nympho Housekeeper'.

"What!?" replied Melanie.

Susan continued to read from the screen.

"Recently divorced professional man seeks young female to keep large apartment in good order, and sexual needs fulfilled. Fifteen years of pent-up energy to satisfy, and too busy to date. I've decided to look for a live-in solution without the strings of romance. I'm offering a comfortable, sunny room and free run of the whole place. I'll do all the shopping and cooking. You must be fastidiously tidy and organized, have excellent oral skills, and provide reasonably frequent and varied services with a smile. Sense of adventure a plus."

"Woah! Can believe that? What kind of guy would even post such a thing? I bet he doesn't even get one response." Melanie said.

Melanie and Susan had moved to the Bay Area together, after being roommates for the last two years at their small mid-west college. Susan was a bit more straight-laced than most of Melanie's friends had been up until that point, but she was a truly sweet and caring person, something Melanie was ready for. After what had probably been too crazed a start to her university career she'd sworn off all those crass, pig-headed college boys and dumb-as-a-post party girls and really enjoyed the calm, tidy atmosphere of their cosy off-campus apartment. Susan's example taught her how apply herself to her work, and she caught up on her studies, finishing on time, with honors even. Over all that time, Melanie had just managed to keep her hyper sex drive in check with her own fingers, though she did end up with a handful of soft, sensual experiences in her hot little asian roommate's bed. When they'd both gotten accepted to the same grad school it had seemed like the best luck ever, and in their cute apartment with a tiny bay view, Melanie started wondering if she should try and turn the relationship from friends to lovers.

Then, after only a few months, Susan claimed to have found the love of her life. To Melanie it looked more like Susan had finally discovered cock, but the end result was the same. In ever-so-pained terms, she had broken the news to Melanie that she wanted her to move out as soon as possible to make room for her man. So great was Susan's urgency that once Melanie had assured her that she wasn't heartbroken, she'd thrown herself into the task of helping Melanie find a new place to live.

It wasn't going very well. The trouble was that the Bay Area housing market just wasn't set up for the hard-working graduate student. Melanie's meager TA wages barely kept her fed and housed as it was, and she just wasn't liking the descriptions she saw in shared housing ads. All she wanted was a calm, clean place to concentrate on her work, but these group arrangements all made her think of the dorms again.

"Leave that alone and go back to the index," Melanie said. "I saw one for $250."

"What's the matter? This is really just a personals ad in the wrong section," Susan said. "Full Room and Board," she stressed. "Think how much easier school would be without all those TA hours."

"What, and replace them with fucking and cleaning?" Melanie laughed. "That's exactly why I'm still in school."

continue...Susan steadied her gaze. "Come on. You could use some fucking, sweetie."

Melanie's eyes went wide. "You're serious! You're suggesting I should whore myself out to some lecherous old slob?"

"He could also be a nice, handsome, successful guy in his forties."

"What does that have to do with it?" Melanie retorted. She was becoming a bit shocked by her friend's attitude.

"Think about it as trading cleaning for rent and having a roommate fuck-buddy."

"Come on! It doesn't say 'friends with benefits'. It says 'services'. This is a work arrangement."

"It's just sex! You like sex!" Susan exclaimed.

"Sounds like you're the one who should be replying," Melanie said, tartly.

"I am going to reply," said Susan. "I'm going to reply and ask him for a picture and we'll see what you say then."


Later that afternoon Susan squealed for Melanie's attention. "He wrote back! With pictures! He's cute, Melanie."

Melanie rushed right over, despite herself, and plunked down on the couch next to Susan. He was cute. The apartment looked nice, too.

"If those are really his pictures," Melanie said.

"What would the point of that be?"

"He could just be perving on the internet."

"Dear Melanie," Susan read.

"What?? You used my real name?"

"Shut up," Susan said, and kept reading.

"Thanks for replying to my ad. Yes, I am quite serious. Here are a few photos taken just last week. If you like what you see, and you'd seriously consider the job of nympho-housekeeper, why don't you give me a call so we can set up an interview? Jack."

"An interview!" Melanie exclaimed. "We know what that means!"

"You've got the 'nympho' part, for sure," Susan pondered. "I know you get yourself off at least three times a day, and you're a royal bitch when you have to go a few days without you vibrator."

Melanie's jaw dropped, but Susan wasn't done.

"And I also know how much fun you had your first two years at school. And those high-school photos that went around."

"Oh, god," Melanie groaned, remembering the pictures of her pale, fleshy body taking cock in both ends. "You saw those? I've heard a few wound up posted places..."

"Some of those girls said trashy things about your weight, but it looked to me like you were having a good time. I thought they were hot," she giggled.

Melanie smiled, blushing a little. "I had a great time. For some reason the camera was a real turn-on."

"Didn't you tell me you were a champion cocksucker?"

"Yeah, that's why those girls hated me. Their boyfriends always came around for my mouth." Melanie blushed more.

"Excellent oral skills," Susan quoted. "Check."


Two days later, Melanie was standing across from the man who had written those words. She couldn't believe Susan had talked her into this, but she had to admit that the butterflies in her stomach were more than just nervousness. She felt all jangly with excitement.

The tail-end of the rainstorm had been a bit damp and chilly, and she was standing there feeling completely self-conscious of the way the Susan had forced her to expose about half of her breasts. Her first time out of sweats and into a dress in ages. And a skimpy summer dress, at that! It left acres of skin covered in goosebumps from her chest to her pink, chilly thighs.

At least she hadn't let Susan talk her out of her boots. With her Docs laced up high she felt rooted to the ground, and she looked Jack in the eye and held out her hand.

"Hi," she said.

Jack's strong, warm hand felt great, enfolding her cold fingers. She couldn't kid herself that his looks helped. He'd looked good in his picture, but the age difference had been apparent. In person she felt an instant charm from him that put that concern aside. He was tall, and dressed well in simple, dark clothes. Not your average middle-aged wardrobe, but not trying to be young, either.

"Hi. I'm sorry you got caught in that. Can I get you a towel?" He asked, taking her umbrella and turning to put it by the door.

"That's ok," she replied. The room was warm, and she thought her nipples probably weren't showing anymore. She wondered if he'd seen.

His eyes definitely took in the sway of her boobs as she shook her fingers through her hair, though, brushing it roughly into position. No bones about it. His smile got bigger, and Melanie suddenly felt far warmer inside.

"I'm so glad you came. Let me show you around. This is where I spend most of my time when I'm home, between my running my business and hanging out."

The door opened onto a wide open space, part living room, part office, with a kitchen in the corner.

"Wow. What a great room," she said.

The place was furnished with a combination of tasteful modern items and solid wooden pieces. A massive wooden table stood over an overlapping pile of oriental rugs that radiated from the center of the room, leaving areas of hard wood in the office and kitchen corners. A couple of large black leather and chrome couches with armchairs formed a lounge area. It was really pretty nice, even with all the clutter of books, papers, other miscellaneous items such as laptops, phones, and tools.

"Can I get you something to drink? Tea maybe?"

Melanie saw a bottle of red wine on the table and felt instantly calmed by the thought of a sip. Jack saw her gaze.

"Wine, then? Good idea," he said with a sly smile.

"As you can see, it's a totally messy geek space," he said as he rummaged in the kitchen for opener and glasses. "I just can't keep it all together."

"No, it's really nice," she said. "Not that much gear, really."

Then Melanie found herself casting her eye over it as the professional she was toying with becoming.

"And there's no meals or clothes lying around. Only a handful of coffee cups and glasses." The kitchen certainly showed evidence of a guy living alone, though.

Jack handed her a glass and silently raised his, then drank, then turned. Melanie remembered what she was doing here, and raised her glass to herself and took a sip. It was good. She brought the glass to her lips again and enjoyed more of the smooth, full-bodied wine.

"On with the rest of the tour," he said as he walked down the single hallway. His room was first, with large bed. Another massive wooden piece. Here, his clothes were hanging and lying on too many knobs and surfaces. Some of which really ought to be treated better.

Perhaps this would be a job, but she could see that she'd enjoy seeing the place in good order. She reassured herself with the phone conversation in which he'd explained that the "services" part of the agreement was open for negotiation. In any case, he really seemed quite respectful. Not a creep at all. Fit and handsome, too, with a nice butt, she couldn't help noticing.

They stood in silence for a minute, and she wondered for the fiftieth time in the past two days what it would be like to be used whenever asked. Perhaps, as Susan had pointed out, having a business-like sex life would go well with getting her work done. Suddenly she found herself starting to imagine being draped over that bed.

The bathroom opened onto both his room and the hall. It was pretty roomy, with both a nice looking tub and shower. Jack seemed to like nice towels, even if they were scattered on the floor.

"I have a cleaner come once a week, but in between, you know how things pile up."

Across the hall was his teenager's room. She'd heard about his daughter, who spent two or three nights a week there. Jack held the door open and showed her the wreckage.

"You should not think about cleaning this room unless you reach some arrangement with her yourself. It's not a battle I'm inclined to fight."

"Hah. Good thinking, if my teen years were anything to go on," she said, bracing herself with more wine as she thought of the possible minefield of teenage daughter meeting daddy's young plaything. The reality of the situation caused mixed emotions to churn inside her. The phrase rolled around her mind: "Daddy's plaything". It gave her a thrill. Other words came to her, "sex kitten", "fuck doll"...

"Then, in the back, here is the room that would be yours."

It was a really nice little room on the corner, with windows wrapping around. Even with the sun struggling through the clouds Melanie could see the charm of it. There was a nice, big desk, a beautiful armoire, and a small couch.

"I used to have my office in here, but I've cleared my stuff out. You can do pretty much anything you like with it, though it might be tricky to find some other place in the apartment for any of the furniture."

It really was a great little office, but there was no bed. She tried to see if the couch folded out, but she couldn't see how. Melanie stood in the doorway and tried to figure out what to say.

Jack was moving back out of the room, though, bringing them much closer than they'd been so far.

"Um. Does the couch make up as a bed or something?" she hesitantly asked.

He smiled and looked down into her eyes as he passed by, gently guiding her from the room with his hand on the small of her back.

"Melanie," he said, using her name for the first time, "the right candidate for this position wouldn't make much use of a bed in here." That silenced her and she came along with him down the hall.

She caught his smell as they walked back to the living room, and could feel where he had touched her. For the first time she got the sense that maybe she could do this. And if not, she thought, why not have a bit of fun just this once? This seemed like an excellent opportunity to see if it really was different with an "experienced" man.

They sat and started talking. Jack refilled their glasses, asked about her studies, and explained about his work. He ran a small small software consulting business, and worked with people all over the world, traveling frequently.

Finally he brought the conversation back around to main event.

"Well, you seem like a pleasant, sane person," he said, "Which, by the way, was a bit of a concern for me when imagining who might respond to my ad."

She laughed along with him.

"Do you think you'd really consider this arrangement? You're certainly a luscious young beauty, and I'd feel quite lucky to have you say yes."

Suddenly on the spot, Melanie took another sip and tried to still her thoughts for a minute. Could she really do this? She knew her hormones were raging, but the thought living in this nice place, with this nice man, and frequently having sex with him, sounded pretty good at the moment.

His patience encouraged her, and she finally found words to leave things a bit open.

"Well, I haven't gone running out the door yet, have I?"

"No, you certainly haven't. Definitely a good sign. Have you thought at all about any conditions you'd like to specify?"

She could picture herself straddling him there on the couch, grinding her pussy on the front of his black jeans. Was there a bulge growing there? She tried to bring her rational mind to the front and come up with a coherent response.

"Um. Well. I, ah, wouldn't want to do any gross stuff," she said, somewhat uncertainly.

"Gross is a very subjective term, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I suppose so." She paused. This was tricky. "Maybe it would be easier if you told me what you think is OK?"

"Rather than what's not? OK. I like kissing, cuddling, general fondling. I imagine I'll want to get my hands on your lovely breasts quite a lot." Her heavy boobs tingled at the thought.

"Spontaneously rubbing my shoulders would be great," he added.

This all sounded good. "Uh huh."

He got up to fetch the wine bottle again, then propped himself against the edge of the table as he continued. She found herself approving of his tall, spare physique and again took in his large, dextrous hands.

"Obviously, we'll sleep in the same bed," he said, pausing waiting for her response.

"Um, sure."

"And it would be nice if you spent time wearing very little. You've got such lovely curves to admire."

She was starting to feel his hands on her from a distance. No matter what else was going to happen, she wanted to get laid today.

"Oral sex, of course."

"Yes, of course."

"The thing is, there is an art to fellatio, isn't there?"

Melanie's response to this was physical. Her mouth watered with memories of warm, hard cocks she had enjoyed and she let out a bit of a moan in agreement.

Jack looked down at her, suddenly a bit more serious, and continued, "After all, how much talent does it take to offer me your pussy or ass? As much as everything else seems positive here, I hate to say that this is the one thing that could make or break the deal. Do you understand?"

At this point Melanie was feeling committed. Challenged, in fact. She was extremely proud of her cock sucking skills.

"Yes, I do. Honestly, it's one of the most important parts for me, too. I have loved cock from the very first time I sucked one, and have had lots of practice."

Her focus narrowed now to the thought of sucking him off. Again she pictured his cock as long and thick, and she realized the one fear she had remaining was that the size of his cock could be the deal-breaker for her.

She slipped from her chair and sank to her knees in front of him.

"Why don't I show you."

He pushed off from the edge of the table and stood before her. She ran her hands up and down the front of his thighs, feeling lean muscle. The bulge before her face was certainly promising.

Melanie reached up to undo the top button on his jeans and worked her way down, holding her breath. Button by button what was revealed made her salivate all the more. His thick, ridged manhood strained in a pair of black bikini briefs. She ran her hand over it and let out an appreciative moan as she felt its warmth through the soft cotton.

She looked up and saw him smiling.

"That's a good girl," he said.

With a thrill of anticipation, she hooked her fingers into the waistband and released his cock, which sprang up, only inches from her face. Her pussy tingled and her nipples stiffened as she gazed at a really beautiful, generous cock. Large, but not huge.

No longer aware of anything else, Melanie pulled his underwear down further so she could check the whole thing out. It stood out and up from his body, and was about eight inches long, as thick as her wrist, with a nice taper at the top, ending in a soft pink head.

She ran her hand up and down it, caressing the warm flesh. Little happy noises were coming from her as she pressed her cheek against his manhood. She then wrapped her hand around the shaft and did one slow, firm stroke from the bottom to the top, bringing a glistening drop of pre-cum forth. She let out a little sigh and reached forward and tasted his salty wetness with the tip of her tongue.

Jack stiffened and groaned as she ran her tongue over his head and then slipped her lips over the top. Melanie felt a wonderful, familiar feeling come over her as she understood the power she had to give a man complete pleasure. She moaned as she wetly ran her mouth up and down with her fist, salivating over the taste of the warm, hard cock that was hers to enjoy.

His hips began to gently buck, and he twined his fingers through her hair. She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed. She knew she had him now. She could make him cum in a minute, or keep him on the edge as long as she liked. This being the first cock she'd had in over a year, she was in no way inclined to rush.

Melanie was determined to show him that she was the best cock sucker he would ever meet. She would show him all of her skills. Up and down she slid her mouth and her slippery fist. Sometimes she took as much as she could, and other times she gently stroked up and down while licking all over, all to the sound of her slutty moans and wet noises.

Little by little she took more and more. It was quite a lot of cock, but she knew she had taken as much before. She felt a slight gag each time his head pushed against the back of her throat, but Melanie knew what to do. She swallowed as she and pushed down hard, and felt his cock stiffen even more as he moaned and pressed back. Not all of it went down, but plenty. She held him there then slowly drew back all the way to the top. Again she went down, swallowing again, pulsing his cock with her throat muscles, before she came up for air and went back to stroking and sucking.

Jack was moaning uncontrollably, stroking her hair with both hands and slowly fucking her face. Melanie felt a stirring pride in her work and continued to indulge herself in enjoying this blowjob.

She spread her thighs and brought her left hand down to start rubbing at her soaked panties. She pressed the fabric against herself and stroked the slippery, swollen folds of her labia. She slipped a finger under the edge and stroked little circles around her clit.

Melanie felt the balance of control shift between them as she became consumed by the sensations of sucking and stroking a beautiful cock while waves of pleasure radiated from her cunt. His hips began to rock with a firmer motion, and his large hands tightened their grip in her hair. The more he controlled her motions, the hotter she got. He was forcing her to go deeper and longer.

As his motions got rougher, she gave up stroking her snatch to use both hands to steady herself against his thighs. Her arousal built as she allowed herself to be used for his pleasure. Soon he was truly fucking her throat, pounding into her as her saliva dribbled over her chin and spattered on her chest.

Suddenly she felt all his muscles tense as he rammed his cock deep down her throat and held her there. She gagged as his cock sent forth the first spurt of cum. He drew back, then bucked forward again, jetting more semen into her, then pulled out and gripped his cock in his fist, shooting another ropy stream out, tracing over her from her hair to her chin. More and more cum landed on her, splashing her face, chest and dress with his pearly liquid.

He slowed down and then sat back on heavily on the couch. Melanie leaned back against the armchair behind her. She ran her tongue around her lips, enjoying the salty taste he had left there. She looked down over herself and smiled as she realized she looked just as slutty as she felt.

Even though she often found giving head to be enjoyable enough on it's own, this was one time when she just wasn't ready to calm down. Having experienced that cock with her hands and her mouth, her pussy now hungered to be used the same way. She picked herself up and slumped back in the soft leather armchair and ran her hands up the inside of her thighs. She spread her legs and pulled her dress up so she could rub her crotch. She looked up at him as she pushed her sodden panties aside and ran her fingers over her dripping cunt.

"So that's the oral part of the interview. Did I pass?"

Jack's face split in a wide grin as he laughed. "She's got a winning personality, too. Yes, I'd say that was a success."

She rocked her hips back and forth slowly as she enjoyed the sensations spreading through her body from her crotch. His gaze focused on her cunt now. With one hand she held herself open, while the other worked away at her swollen, slippery flesh.

"What's next on your list?" she asked with a grin. "Aren't you going to test how tight my pussy is?" she said as she slipped her middle finger deep inside. She withdrew it and raised it to her lips. "Or check how I taste?"

That appeared to finally have the effect she was looking for. Jack moved from the couch over to where she was, and sat on the arm of the chair. He looked down into her eyes while she continued to rub her cunt, rocking her hips more and more.

"I suppose you're right. There are a number of things we haven't discussed yet," he said, as he reached down and moved her hands aside and placed his long fingers over her vulva. He massaged her there a bit and she pressed up against the exquisite feeling of his strong male hand down there.

Then he stopped, reached down with both hands and ripped her panties apart. "I think I just might need to give you a clothing budget, as long as you promise to spend it creatively."

"Ooh, yes please," she replied with a sweet smile.

He lifted the hem of her dress to reveal her entire sex. He ran his hands back over her bald mound. "I do like the labia smooth, by the way, but I like a well-trimmed bush above. I like women, not little girls."

"Marvelous, round, sensual women," he added, running his hand over her soft, slightly pudgy tummy. "Mmm. So soft and womanly." As he pressed harder against her cunt he leaned down and engaged her in a deep french kiss.

As their tongues twined together amist the tastes of both of them, he slipped his long finger between her folds and slid it all the way inside. She gasped and pressed against him. It went so much further than her own little fingers. He fucked her slowly with it, in and out, then curled it up to stroke her insides. Her hips lifted off the chair as she ground against his hand.

She threw her head back, breaking the kiss with the long, loud moan. She was panting as the wave built within her. He slowed down a bit, but didn't stop, keeping her in a state of anticipated bliss.

"Yes," he said, his finger going still slower. "Nice and tight. I think it will do." He pulled it out and began to gently slip it back and forth through her outer folds.

Melanie was in an uncomprehending state of arousal. Never had a man touched her like this. Nothing mattered now except achieving the shattering orgasm that she knew was just around the corner. As she cast about for a solution her body overruled her mind and all she could think of was that cock.

"Don't you think you need to try it with your cock?" she whispered.

"Oh, I don't know," he replied. "Perhaps it would be best to save some treats for later."

A plaintive sigh escaped her chest.

"Ah, I see. Your only worry now is whether I'd be so cruel as to deny your release today." His finger traced circles around her throbbing clit.

"The thing is, would you submit to that? Would you demurely walk away unsatisfied if I told you to?"

Melanie moaned again as she realized she couldn't answer that.

"Well, I see no reason to put you to that test today. We know your pussy will always be available, right?" he said with a smile.

She nodded, feeling complete agreement.

"The interview's not over yet, though."

He lifted up his hand and she thrust her hips up looking for it. Before she knew what he was doing he brought it down flat with an audible smack, right on her pussy. It stung and she cried out, but a jolt shot through her at the same time.

"What about pain?" he asked, now rubbing her pussy.

"I... I don't know," she stammered. Some little part of her reminded her that she really didn't know what this guy's intentions were. "I don't think..."

He gave her cunt a few more smacks, and while she flinched and cried out again, she continued to press upwards for more.

"Don't worry," he said, going back to the gentle stroking, "I'll only give you as much as you want. OK?"

"Uh huh," she said. "Yes. Mmmm," now so in the moment that she was barely conscious of her words.

He traced his finger down her crack, into the puddle of her juices.

"What about Anal? I hope you do anal."

This was one she'd figured was probably coming. Funny, she had been worried about it before coming. Practically every guy she'd had sex with wanted it, and while she had permitted a few to put their cocks in her ass, she had never actually enjoyed it.

"Um, yes, I've done it a few times," she murmured.

Now, in the hands of this man almost twice her age, owner of one of the thickest cocks she'd ever touched, she found herself pulling her legs back and lifting her ass so he could slip his fingertip over her pink bud as she replied.

"It's been a long time, though."

He lightly traced her opening with his finger, and the tingling sensations made her relax even more.

"Well, I'm sure we can take it slow," he said, continuing the gentle pressure on and around her anus. With his large hand he was still able to rub his thumb over her clit while his fingertip eased it's way inside her butt. She moaned as he worked just that tip of his finger around the opening.

"Seems like she likes it," she heard his warm voice say. His thumb moved down from her clit and slowly slid into her pussy.

"Uh huh," she replied with her eyes closed, losing herself again in the sensations.

"I have a feeling," he said, "that before long, this ass will be just as available your cunt, don't you think?"

"Mmm," was all she could manage as he moved and she felt his breath on her pussy. When his tongue traced a circle around her clit her breath caught and she shuddered, "Oh god."

"Anytime I say 'bend over', I'll see your lovely full ass in the air, and be able to take my pick of your waiting holes. Isn't that right?" He flicked his tongue over her swollen button.

"Yes. Oh yes. Anything. Any time," she gasped as he finally went down on her for real, sucking on her clit. "Oh god. Use my body. Let me cum," she begged.

Now he was working his hand faster in her holes. His finger kept going in a bit, back out and around, and back in. The base of his thumb stretched her pussy as he fucked her deeper with it and moved it around inside her. With his teeth, he gently gripped the base of her clit and flicked his tongue over the hard, exposed bundle of nerves, causing her whole body to shake.

"Oh fuck. Oh yes."

Melanie's pussy was flooded with her slick juices, and she was letting out a constant stream of loud gasps, moans and grunts. He leaned back and slipped his fingers out of her and ran his whole hand up and down over her sopping gash. She spread her legs further and pressed her mound against his touch, and suddenly he let go and slapped her pussy again.

"Oh!" She screamed out, surprised once more. The hand was rubbing over her again, then went away. She thrust her hips up for it, not knowing what was coming next, and not caring.

Smack! Came another spank on her raging cunt. "Oh god," she cried out, realizing that she was about to come. He spanked her pussy again and again, and she screamed as her body convulsed, but still searched for more. Two fingers entered her cunt now, and the rough pressure of his thumb rubbing directly on her clit, sent her over the top, crashing into one of her most intense orgasms ever. Her hips fucked his hand back, and he kept his fingers thrusting in and out, as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her entire body.

Eventually he slowed down with her, and her hips settled back onto the chair. He was gently stroking over her slippery vulva, causing her to shudder and gasp as he touched her excruciatingly sensitive bud. He stopped and wiped his hand on the inside of her thigh, straightened her dress out a bit so it just covered her throbbing sex parts.

They sat in silence for a time. Eventually her breathing began to return to normal and she looked up to see him sitting across from her on the couch, just watching her and smiling. She pulled herself up a bit more upright, feeling her ass slide in her slippery wetness all over the soft leather chair as she made herself more comfortable.

She couldn't take her eyes from his, couldn't manage to speak, but a big grin spread over her face as the words "Daddy's fuckdoll" ran through her head.

"I'd call that a successful interview. When can you begin?" he asked.

Read Part 2 to see what happens next.


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