Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Again I find myself posting a story which doesn't have much to do with my stated theme. Not much control here.

When Jennifer learned she would have a few hours free on this rainy Sunday, she took a deep breath and boldly wrote back, "OK. Let's meet for that coffee."

They met downtown at a fairly busy place, and sat by the window, barely able to make out the huge old library across the way through the steamy window. He turned out to be handsome, charming and friendly, and his bit of nervousness was kind of endearing. They talked about their kids, the rain, and finally the frustrated desires they both felt in their otherwise together lives. It wasn't that long before he reached across the small table and stroked the back of her hand, his fingers gently ruffling the fine hairs on her forearm. She turned her hand and they twisted their fingers together, and she felt a warm flush in her chest as her breathing deepened.

They sat there for a time, conversation shot. He let go of her hand and reached up to brush some hair aside and gently stroked the side of her face with the back of his long fingers. As his fingers traced into her hair and around her ear the tiny cafe table felt enormous.

"Let's go for a walk," he breathed, in a voice heavy with significance.

She questioned his plan with a mere pointed look at the rain lashing against the window. He acknowledged her with a funny face.

"Right. The library, then?"

This was a better plan, and even though she'd come out and met him thinking "it's just coffee", the part of her that craved something new won out, and she stood up.

"OK, let's go."

As they rushed across the street and down the block he held her close with his arm around her waist, and she felt a thrill to let herself be sheltered by this tall new man. They laughed just inside the doors, shaking themselves off in the empty lobby. He stepped close and pushed her damp hair out of her face again and kissed her before she could think about what was happening. It was a sweet, short kiss, lingering just enough to hint at much more to come.

continue...He stepped back and they smiled warmly at each other, thrilled to the core at the exciting sensations coming from their forbidden little adventure. He took her hand and they walked up the stairs. They talked about how empty the place was: It couldn't just be the rain. Poor books, they agreed, feeling a bit guilty themselves for their own part in that.

Of course it wasn't long before they were kissing again, the end of a long row of shelves, "fiction Sa-Sh" on one side, the tall rain-covered windows on the other. He held her close, one hand on her hip, the other back in her hair. Their lips gently explored each other with growing passion, and soon the tips of their tongues darted over one another. She slid her hands under his jacket and over his strong back and just let herself go into the feelings.

They were interrupted by the sounds of someone coming down the aisle and hurried off hand-in-hand down the other side. As they came down the aisle into the central part of that floor, the elevators opened to let out a pack of old ladies with plastic bonnets over their white hair. They swerved off and dashed up the stairs giggling together like a pair of guilty teenagers. They went all the way up to the top, his big hand finding her ass more than once.

Nonfiction was absolutely deserted and soon they were making out against anthropology, the most action these books had seen in years. Now his hands went to her breasts, tentatively at first, but when she moaned at his touch his big hands squeezed harder, reveling in her magnificent chest. His other hand in her hair pulled her head back and he trailed kisses and nibbles down her neck. Her nipples tightened as he undid a button on her blouse and his soft kisses and rough chin grazed her soft, sensitive flesh of the tops of her breasts.

She felt the hardness in his pants against her, corresponding to the damp heat she felt radiating between her thighs, and rubbed herself against him more. Holding himself back no longer, he reached a hand up under her blouse and massaged a breast through her bra, now working the texture of the lace against her already worked-up nipples as he went back to her lips for a deep, absorbing french kiss.

Now his hand stroked her stomach and as it worked into her waistband his lips came close to her ear, "I want to please you, Jennifer," he spoke so close. She offered no resistance as his big, hot hand traced through her tight curls. At the pressure of his fingers cupping her vulva she moaned deeply into his shoulder, and opened herself to his hand as much as she could in the circumstances.

She held tightly to his shoulders as the kisses continued and his clearly experienced fingers explored her moist, swollen folds. One finger dipped lightly into her slit, enjoying her slick wetness, then came back up to trace gentle circles around her hard, exposed button, never quite touching it. He would do this for a time, then again slide it down and inside her, deeper each time. He sensed the height of her arousal and soon was rubbing her clit with his thumb directly while two fingers fucked into her hot, willing hole.

Jennifer moaned into his mouth as they kissed and kissed, and her world contracted to her raging physical and emotional sensations. He kept her riding up and down near the peak of her arousal, building her heat further and further. His strong arm wrapped around her slender waist, and she let herself go weak and be held up by his strength. Soon, when he felt it was time, he whispered into her ear again, "Come for me Jennifer. Come now."

And she did. Those gentle commanding words just released everything inside her and a hot, bright orgasm flashed through her, touching every nerve in her body. She tensed and he felt her noises vibrate through him as she buried her moans in his shoulder. Still his two long fingers probed deep into her hungry cunt as she rotated her hips against his hard palm. When she began shaking he slowed down until his hand gently cupped her hyper-sensitive flesh, holding her close as she drifted deep inside herself.

When she returned she looked up to him and they shared a marvelous kiss. A warm, sensual, close kiss. She felt relaxed, satisfied and safe, and full of desire to please him. She smiled up at him and slid down to her knees, her hands trailing down his chest to rest upon his waist. She focused in front of her and stroked the bulge in his jeans, feeling the hardness jutting off to one side, thinking to herself that this looked promising.

He rested his hand gently on Jennifer's head as she set to work there among the dusty books, undoing one button after another. She revealed his tight-fitting briefs, stretched full. She ran her fingers over him, feeling his warmth, trailing her fingers into the glistening wet spot at the end. She hooked her fingers into the elastic and let his lovely big cock spring free. His fingers moved in her hair in time with his moan as she wrapped her fingers around it. Her soft hand slowly, firmly stroked up and down and she wasted no time bending forward to taste his salty wetness.

She wrapped her lips around the soft skin of the head and swirled her tongue along the ridge underneath. She stroked him and sucked him for a time, a bit deeper all the while, responding positively to his groans and thrusts, loving his tensing hands in her hair.

Then she lifted her head and looked back up at him as she unbuttoned her blouse and then buried his cock in her chest. She never broke eye contact as she lifted and stroked his hard, hot shaft with her big soft breasts. He smiled right back, "what a good girl," he said, thrusting in her heavenly cleavage.

"Mmm, hmm," she purred and then bent her mouth back to him, his firm hands following, his hips now more insistent. She earnestly stroked his cock, making happy noises as she lovingly caressed it with her mouth. Tasting the continuing precum made her want to taste the real thing all the more and he was clearly close, gripping her head, thrusting hard.

Suddenly he tensed and held her down. She felt his cock pulse in mouth and squeezed her hand around the base of his cock. His cum spurted forcefully against the back of her throat. He relaxed then thrust forward blasting again, filling her mouth with his salty fluid. She coughed a little and he let her up just in time for the next spurt to graze her chin and go into her hair, she marveled at it all as she directed the last few, finally weaker, spurts against her hanging breasts.

He leaned back against the shelves behind him and a wide smile swept across his face. She wiped her chin and looked down at her chest, his milky cum shiny on her creamy skin as he tucked away his wet, softening cock and buttoned his jeans. He took her hands and lifted her up and held her close.

"Next time," he whispered, "I think you should wear a skirt."

Jennifer smiled and nodded against his shoulder. "You're so right."

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