Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Black Hole

This story certainly doesn't fit with the stated theme of my blog here. Oh well. I wrote it a long time ago, in one fast go.

Even as his ship fell towards the black hole with ever increasing speed, Wes craned his neck back, riveted by the view in the rear port.

"They're crazy!" He yelled in the empty cabin. "They'll never get free now! It's suicide to follow me."

Still, the other ship continued to gain. He could clearly see the gaping black mouths of the copper-rimmed blast ports. The ship had a huge, old-style hammerdrive that dwarfed its life-support section. It was one seriously overpowered machine.

Wes had no idea what they wanted. He had given up bracing himself for the imminent blast from those orifices of destruction. They could have shot him at far greater range and avoided the pull of the black hole. He had nothing of value, and his ship, though hot in its time, had not only been seriously superceded by the new technologies, but was falling apart at the seams.

The pursuing vessel would soon catch up, and then what? There was nothing Wes could do. He had long since lost control of his ship to the gravity well, which inexorably sucked him in.

Outside, the swirling cloud of gases filled the entire forward view. Streaks of purples and brilliant white were being sucked from the neighboring nebula into the voracious well. The gases concentrated and grew brighter as they reached the center, only to border on the absolute blackness of the black hole.

The large silver and bronze craft bore down on Wes and matched speeds, its bulk blotting out the overhead view. He could see that it had a rather small crew area. Two small hatches suddenly flipped open and a pair of grappling hooks flew out with puffs of propellant.

"Fuck!" Wes broke for the suit-locker on the other side of the cabin as the feel of their hardened-steel claws impacting on the ship made the whole ship shudder. The sound of the claws contracting on the thin shell of the hull chilled him to the bone. He glanced up to see a suited figure flying toward him from a larger hatch that had opened. He slammed the door on the locker and groped for his suit. As he struggled into the legs he heard a thud against the hull.

He looked up, but could no longer see the attacker, who was presumably at the air lock. There was a vibration against the hull that felt like a cutting tool. As he yanked the zipper to his throat he heard the outer hatch open without the airlock cycling. His fingers struggled with the collar latches, which always got stuck.

The speed with which they had pulled all this off was impressive. He just about broke his finger getting the collar done up and grabbed at his helmet just as the inner door flew open and the air started rushing out of the open lock with a deafening roar, pulling him with it toward the red-suited figure, who was braced in the opening. As he jammed the helmet on the invader grabbed him, slammed the collar lock home and sprang for the other ship.

They flew the short distance chest to chest, with the gaudy spiral of light reflecting across the stranger's reflective faceplate. Looking down he could see where the loss of pressure within his ship had allowed the grappling hooks to bite into his ship's hull, ripping giant gashes into the metal.

They entered the big ship, his captor cycled the lock and dragged him into the main cabin. He tried to break from the gripping gloves, but found himself flung aft, with the menacing red figure pursuing him. The stranger deftly popped his helmet lock and tossed it away, then steadying with one hand on a rail, popped off the red suit's helmet and sent it after it.

Wes found himself stupefied by the sight before him. "You!" was all he could gasp.

A cloud of blonde hair floated from where the helmet had been and a radiant face, possessed with an intensity of purpose which dominated him completely, stared at him. The woman's eyes bored into his very soul. For this was no longer a mysterious figure, but a vision embodied. No longer a sexless attacker, but most definitely a woman. The tight-fitting suit gleamed with its red sheen and curved smoothly over her hips and defined her round thighs. The ribbed bands across the chest accentuated the curve of her breasts. The close sleeves revealed her biceps and the gloves tapered to her fingertips. All this hung before him before the backdrop of the sight of the giant nova swirling into the nearby black hole.

continue..."You think you're going down there without me?" she demanded. "You could be killed!" She undid the clasp on one glove and pulled it off with her teeth, then switched handholds and did the same with the other one. Wes still couldn't find anything to say.

"But we're in this together now, and since this is probably my last moment in this universe one way or another we're doing it my way!"

She undid her neck clasp and pulled her zipper down halfway and then moved towards Wes, who gathered his wits and reached to meet her. As they spun away from the wall she pulled at his zipper and slipped one cool hand into his battered black suit, running it over his chest while the other curled around his neck. He gripped her body and pulled her to him, closing on her lips.

The softness of her lips as he brushed over them brought tears to his eyes as a long-hungered sensation was finally granted to him. Their tongues darted forward and caressed each other and he pressed his teeth into her lower lip, then pressed himself into her as their souls touched. Her tongue pushed into his mouth and he gripped her round ass and ground against her as they floated under the view of the kaleidoscopic chaos which was their destination.

They kissed and kissed and the blood coursed through their bodies.

He removed his gloves and ran his hands under her suit, from neck to breasts and down her soft belly. He cupped her breasts with his large hands and gripped them with gentle strength. She peeled his suit back from his shoulders and bit at his neck and he groaned. He kissed her behind the ear, down her neck, to her clavicle and on to her shoulder. He brushed her nipples with his thumbs and they became even harder. He bent his head to one and ran his tongue over it, gripped it between his teeth and traced over its tip with his tongue.

Her moans filled the cabin and she opened her eyes to view the black hole growing above them. The brilliant clouds of pinks and purples filled the view through the transparent dome.

He unzipped her suit the rest of the way and ran the nails of his other hand over her skin, down her stomach and into her pubic hair. She spread her legs and offered herself up to him. He cupped her mound and drew his hand back up, pressing inward with his middle finger, feeling the slick wetness of her folds. He continued moving his hand up and grazed past her button with only the lightest pressure.

She opened his suit and slid her hand to his engorged member, running her fingers along the thick vein on the underside and down to his bulging testicles. She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft just below the head and gripped firmly, slowly moving her hand up and down. Animal noises passed his lips from deep inside him.

As he traced gentle circles around her sensitive nub she pressed her sex against his hand and he slid back down, this time slipping his finger easily into her, grinding his palm against her swollen button. Grinding, and grinding, and grinding. Her moans grew louder and louder, deepening in pitch.

The terrifying, utter blackness yawned over them as the ship hurtled down at an unthinkable rate.

They freed themselves of their suits and came together as man and woman. His thick member slid slowly into her wet, wet opening. They kept the even, smooth motion going until the base ground against her pleasure spot. Her insides gripped the shaft which filled her as he pulled back and thrust again, still slowly. They moaned in unison as they pressed together. Stroke by stroke their passion grew, till it seemed it could equal the forces which danced chaotically all around them.

Their pace increased as they reached the yawning vortex. His hands gripped her buttocks as he thrust into her, trying to reach her very center. Light from every part of the spectrum flared around them, obliterating their sense of place. They felt as though they were beings of pure passion in a frozen moment that seemed to go on to eternity.

And so the gleaming ship, it's reflective hull a blinding streak of dancing light, plunged into the black hole, never to be seen in the universe of it's origin again.

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